BMW M3 E30 | € 85.000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1990
KM: 133.900
PRICE: 85.000 Euro

Vehicle Overview

BMW M3 E30 for sale

The 1990 BMW E30 M3, born from racing excellence, conquered both track and street. Crafted under stringent Group A regulations, it blends high-performance components with street usability. This iconic model's heart is a potent four-cylinder engine, achieving 215 hp without a turbocharger, offering spirited performance. A true symbol of motorsport legacy, the BMW E30 M3 remains an enduring favorite among enthusiasts worldwide.

Interior: The interior of the E30 M3 is in excellent condition. Everything inside the car works and all the small little plastic details are in great condition. The black leather recaro seats look amazing and they show minimal signs of wear. The left bolster of the driver's recaro seat is often damaged, however you can tell that this car has had caring owners, leading to the seats looking pristine. The original leather on the seats is also as soft as the day the car came off the production line. 

Exterior: The exterior of the E30 M3 is today iconic. With its wide fenders, aggressive front spoiler and large rear wing, the car truly represents its era. The sterling silver metallic paint suits the car perfectly and truly accentuates all of its body lines. The paint is in great condition with few marks and a high finish. Complementing the body are the 16-inch BBS cross spoke wheels that also are in great condition. 

Engine and Mechanics: The heart of this marvel is its 215hp engine, delivering an exhilarating driving experience that enthusiasts have cherished for decades. Coupled with a 5-speed dogleg gearbox, this BMW E30 M3 performs magnificently, offering a thrilling ride while cruising effortlessly at highway speeds. The handling is precise, offering a blend of power and agility that's synonymous with the M badge.

History and Documentation: This exceptional model comes with a rich history and comprehensive documentation. Originally sold in Sweden, this vehicle boasts a trove of service invoices and nearly all MOT papers, validating its mileage and maintenance history. Included are the original fully stamped service book and complete tools, offering a glimpse into the dedication and care this vehicle has received over the years.
If you live in Sweden and would like to sell your classic BMW please let us know here.
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What makes this BMW M3 special?

  • Fully documented car with low km
  • Excellent condition inside and out
  • Most iconic M3 generation

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