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Welcome to our “Classic Outlet”. On this page, we will list cars that are a little bit cheaper, project cars, motorcycles, watches, and parts for classic cars. When we are out searching for cars in Sweden we often come across barn finds, restoration projects, of race cars, classic cars, modern sportscars and more. And we list some of those here for sale when we have some extra time.

If you are interested in buying any of these listings, we have more information and we always encourage personal inspection.

We are always looking for interesting things. So if you are selling any BMW motorcycle before 1970. Triumph motorcycle’s and also Honda. We like also low km and original condition Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo Amazon, SAAB 93 and 96, Jaguar saloons, Rover, Triumph, and many more. Just let us know what you are selling.

I always say there are three types of classic car enthusiasts. The first one is the “restorer”. The challenge for this person is to take a classic car or motorcycle preferably in as bad condition as possible, and then bring it back to like-new or very good condition. When the “restorer” is done, they usually sell the car or motorcycle since their journey is done. Then, they start over again with a new project. Without this group, we would never see many of the cheaper classic cars on the road today since they would simply not be worth restoring when you have to pay a workshop to restore them.

The second classic car enthusiast is the “driver”. They truly enjoy driving their cars and often make long trips or take their classic car on holiday through several countries. The “driver” is somebody that can change a wheel and a sparkplug if they have to. But they would never attempt for example to change a gearbox. They leave their car with a trusted mechanic when it needs work. Moreover, they are often unaware of the actual condition of their classic car. It does not matter much anyway since a car is meant to be driven. In rain or shine, if it breaks down, they repair it, and life goes on.

The third category of classic car enthusiasts is the “collector”. The collectors often buy their cars from the restorers since the restorers seldom count their time into the restoration cost. The collectors rarely drive their cars and often have many of them sitting around. Most times they are simply an asset that is expected to grow. Every now and then these cars possibly get to go in a trailer to some exclusive event. From this lack of exercise, these cars often have issues despite their amazing looks.


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