Ferrari F355 Challenge | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1996
MAKE: Ferrari
MODEL: F355 Challenge
KM: 25000
TRANSMISSION: 6-Speed Automatic

Vehicle Overview

Exterior: The Ferrari F355 Challenge had a repaint in 2015 and still looks amazing today. After repainting, the original Challenge sticker kit was fitted. As far back as we can trace this Ferrari, there have been no accidents and all panels are original and fit very nicely on the car.

Interior: When you open the door, you can tell right away that this is not a regular Ferrari F355. Climb in over the roll cage and have a seat in the bucket seat. What is different in this F355 Challenge from others is that it also has a passenger seat. This was taken from a normal F355. Also, you have a handbrake lever. And the reason for these details is that this Ferrari F355 Challenge is also registered in Sweden to drive legally on the road. Other than that, it looks very normal for a F355 Challenge on the inside. There is a main power switch, and the panels are a bit sticky. A well-known problem for the model.

Ferrari F355 Challenge track day and race car for sale

Engine: There were 108 original F355 Challenge cars produced, and this is one of them. They were built for the purpose to be raced on the tracks. This car started in the French Ferrari series for a few years before it made its way to Scandinavia. During the time in France on the track, the original engine/box was replaced for reasons we do not know today.

This is something that is normal in the race world. As a seller we are well aware of the fact that the value of the car would be much higher with the original engine. However, it is not there anymore, and the F355 engine in the car is performing very well. And the same goes for the gearbox that goes easily into all gears. This F355 Challenge has not been used so much over the last 4-5 years and it is time for service before going back on the track.

History: As mentioned above, this F355 Challenge was sold new in France and raced there before it came to Scandinavia. It has been now with the same owner since 2004. This owner has been keeping maintenance and race records. As well, engine oil has been changed after every race. Other maintenance according to schedule or need. In terms of documentation, it comes with COC, original sales invoice, a list of race events in chronological order. There is also a spare parts package that is optional for this car. This spare parts package will not be sold separate before the F355 Challenge is sold. The spare parts package has a value of approximately 30,000€

Ferrari F355 Challenge

  • One out of 108 cars built
  • Original Challenge car
  • With street license in Sweden
  • Spare parts kit available
  • Perfect paintwork with original sticker kit
  • For road and track


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