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Consign your car with us

You only have one chance to make a “first impression” so let's get it right.

Consign your classic car and/or sportscar. Classix is located all the way south in Sweden. Just north of Malmö and Copenhagen. If you are looking for somebody to help you sell your car, you have come to the right place. Most of the classic cars I consign come from Sweden. However, during the last couple of years we have also helped many customers from Denmark and Germany.

You would never sell your house without scouting for the best realtor. So, why would you sell your classic car without consulting with professionals in the business?

When we sell your classic car on consignment, it will be presented on our website just like the others. And now your classic car can be found on Google when people search for it. It will also be featured in our newsletters and all social media.

Please note that your car has to be stored with us during the sales process. We do NOT have an open showroom where people can just walk in and look around. We have booked appointments only. And we bring forward the car customers come to see in a viewing area.

As a classic car dealer, we are able to take a trade on your classic or sports car. As a result, this will increase chances for you to get the car sold and make a good deal.

We can help you determine the correct value of your car. The Classix platform is well-known and frequently visited by classic car collectors worldwide. We make your car stand out in a crowded market with our sophisticated photo/video presentation.

Inspections and classic car consulting

  • You have found your dream classic car! But, you need somebody to inspect the car and probably the seller to, go through paperwork as well as authenticating the car, and perhaps finally bringing it home to your door.
  • You need some advice on how to go about restoration and where to find help. You need advice on which car in your collection that is time to replace. Moreover, you need hints of what to buy. Classic car consulting is free for customers who bought cars from us. Otherwise 300€/hour.


Vehicle condition rating described in detail


Immaculate condition. No flaws, damage or signs of wear either technically or visually. Complete and perfectly restored top-class vehicle. As good as new (if not better). Very rare. A vehicle that one approaches with pleasure and that reveals not a single flaw, even upon closer inspection. The basis for the evaluation with condition score 1 is the assumed condition upon delivery to first customer i.e. the new vehicle condition for the relevant manufacturer at that time.


Good condition. No flaws, but slight (!) traces of wear. Either rare, good unrestored original condition or expert restoration. Technically and visually perfect with minimal signs of wear. A vehicle that one approaches with pleasure but which, upon closer inspection, reveals slight signs of wear. These slight traces of wear should reflect the documented low level of overall mileage or of mileage since restoration. The level of technical wear and tear should be correspondingly low.


Used condition. Vehicles without major technical or visual flaws, in full working order and fully roadworthy. No rust through damage. No immediate work necessary. A vehicle that when approached and examined more closely reveals clear signs of wear and a variety of minor defects. Such traces of wear and defects should reflect the documented level of overall mileage or of mileage since restoration. The level of technical wear and tear should correspond to this.


Worn-out condition. Limited roadworthiness. Immediate work necessary if vehicle is to comply with (German) road traffic licensing regulations. Minor to moderate rust-through damage. Essential structure of vehicle complete but not necessarily without damage. A vehicle that upon being approached shows a variety of flaws and defects that are apparent even from a distance. Closer examination reveals significant signs of wear and tear.


Condition requiring restoration. Vehicles in poor, non-roadworthy condition. Considerable work required on all subassemblies. Vehicle not necessarily complete Explanation: A vehicle whose significant defects and/or missing components are immediately apparent even to the layman. Could conceivably be used for parts cannibalization.



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