Jaguar E-type Series 1.5 OTS | SOLD

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1968
MODEL: E-type 1.5
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 1800

Vehicle Overview

Jaguar E-type OTS Series 1.5 for sale

The classic car model E-type or sometimes referred to as XKE is built by Jaguar. The Jaguar E-type was a British sportscar produced between 1961-1975 in various series. The Jaguar E-type was regarded back then, and even today as “the most beautiful car in the world”. For some reason, Jaguar must have thought their buyers were very small when they came out with E-type Series 1, since drivers taller than 176cm will have a hard time getting into the early cars with bucket seats. You would have thought Jaguar had learned with the XK120 model that was also very small when it was launched and grew bigger later with the XK140 and XK150. The E-type obviously started with Series 1. However, there is a big debate on what is a series 1.5 car if there was ever such model. Nevertheless, most would agree that it is considered a series 1.5 when the front headlights became open from August 1967 until July 1968 when the Series 2. There were also some variations during the 1.5 series depending on what market the cars were sold to. The series 1.5 headlights are not the same as was later used on series 2 and 3.

Exterior: This car is a Jaguar E-type Series 1.5 manufactured on the 1st of April 1968. The near flawless exterior was painted in Jaguars Indigo blue in 1998. Rolling on a set of Dunlop chrome spoke wheels fitted with new Dunlop Classic tyres 2023-10. All gaps on this car are 100% perfect. Doors and trunk open and close easily. The black mohair soft-top has a really good stretch. When the top is down, the original cover completes the open touring picture. Personally, I think the car looks best with the original factory hardtop which is a very cool option for the Jaguar E-type. A lot of work has been done recently to make sure the car is 100% level, front and rear, left and right. The suspension in the back is adjustable both in height and compression.

Interior: Even though I think the E-type 1.5 OTS looks best with hardtop, it is when you have the top down, the incredible contrast to the inside beige colour becomes evident. The full leather interior is a work of art. The series 1.5 feels so much roomier than the earlier cars. The steering wheel is adjustable and even has a snap of function. This is helpful both against theft and getting into the car if you are an XXL driver. Even the hardtop was restored to condition like new back in 1999. Every little switch and every instrument look today as factory new.

Engine and mechanics: This is not only an XKE that looks brand new but it also feels and sounds brand new when you start it up and start driving it. In 1999, the following was done.

  • Engine bored 0,020 and fitted with new pistons and bearings
  • Rebuilt oil and water pump
  • New valves, valve guides and springs (rebuilt head including cam gears)
  • Everything in regards to brakes was fitted new. Cylinders, hoses, etc.
  • After this, the car has travelled approximately 4,000km.
  • The restoration was done by a professional workshop between 1996-2001.
  • The collected invoices accumulate to approximately 1,300,000 SEK
  • It is today undoubtedly one of the finest XKE 1.5 cars on the market.
  • The total travel after restoration is 1,800km.
  • Detailed description invoices of all the work done
  • 2023-09-04 New Dunlop Classic tyres

History: The Jaguar E-type OTS Series 1.5 was manufactured on the 1st of April 1968. It comes with a Jaguar heritage certificate showing it is a matching numbers car. It had the misfortune to be born in the most hideous Jaguar colour of all, (Ascot fawn). So, it was understandably changed to Indigo blue during the restoration. This car came to Sweden in 1988 and was used first here as it came from America. The second owner of the car who came about in 1996 started this no expense spared restoration that was fully completed in 2001. A new speedometer was installed during the restoration and it is today showing 1,800km! If you are looking for one of the best on the market, this could be your next Jaguar. At Classix we love classic Jaguars, despite the direction Jaguar Land Rover has taken the company today. If you live in Sweden and want to sell your classic Jaguar please let us know here.



What makes this Jaguar E-type special?

  • Fully restored and then driven trough shake down period
  • Looks stunning!
  • Matching numbers with certificate
  • Factory hardtop


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