Jaguar E-type Series 1 | € 115.000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1963
MODEL: E-type
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 125.000
PRICE: 115.000 Euro

Vehicle Overview

1963 Jaguar E-type Series 1 with hardtop for sale

In 1961, the first Jaguar E-type Series 1 saw daylight, and it was an instant success. I am sure one reason for that success was the incredible performance in relation to a relatively low price. The designer, Malcolm Sayer, had created something completely different from anything that had been built in the U.K. before – nothing short of a masterpiece.

Exterior: Personally, I think this car looks so cool with the original hardtop on. The Jaguar E-type series 1 hardtop is light and easy to fit and remove. Please note that this the factory original hardtop supplied with the car. The black canvas soft-top is in excellent condition. There is no corrosion to be seen, and the car is as white and clean underneath as it is on top. Well-adjusted ride height and still very comfortable on the road. A luggage rack may come in handy when the small trunk is full.

Interior: The Jaguar E-type OTS series 1 for sale here has a wonderful burgundy leather interior in excellent condition. These early E-types featured stylish brushed aluminum panels and numerous flip switches. You will also find a modern sound system and some speakers for this. All the instruments are in working order. The safety features include mirrors on both sides and seatbelts in red with leaping cats on the buckle.

Engine: This Jaguar E-type starts easily and is just fantastic to drive. The original gearbox is easy to operate. This car underwent an extensive restoration that was completed in 2013. During this restoration, all wearing parts such as joints, bushings, gaskets, rubbers etc., were replaced.

  • Cylinder head had a complete rebuild

History: The date of manufacture for this 3.8l series 1 E-type is the 27th of June in 1962. It was sold as a new car in USA. In 1988, Mr Bjurman purchased two Jaguar E-types from the USA and imported them to Sweden, and this white 1963 Jaguar E-type OTS Roadster was one of them. The other E-type was a 1968 OTS, and upon reviewing the documentation, I realize that these two cars are today standing beside each other in our showroom. However, in 1988, Mr. Bjurman decided to sell this white Roadster, and the next owner started a restoration of the car. The body work itself was entrusted to a professional workshop that did a fantastic job even by today’s standards. When the second owner in Sweden had come close to the finish line, it was time for the third owner to bring it all to completion for the registration inspection. Thus, in May 2013, the E-type was again back on the road, restored to its former glory. The odometer reading was 45,600 miles at the time of registration in Sweden, and today it stands at 48,500 miles. The total travel post-restoration amounts to 4,640km!
In summary, this is today a splendid driver’s car. A beautiful looking machine that is very pleasant to drive and looks awesome. If you have a Jaguar XKE that you would like to sell, or you need assistance selling, please do contact us here. We love vintage Jaguars!  


What makes this Jaguar E-type special?

  • Restored series 1 car
  • Original hardtop
  • Excellent condition

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