Mercedes 220SE Coupe | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1959
KM: 180.000

Vehicle Overview

Mercedes 220SE Coupe W180 for sale

Discover a timeless beauty that stands the test of time - the 1959 Mercedes 220SE Coupe, a true automotive masterpiece. With only 830 units ever produced from October 1958 to November 1960, this coupe is a rare gem that captures the essence of luxury and design. The brainchild of Friedrich Geiger, its unique bodywork sets it apart from its Ponton siblings.

Interior: Step inside the world of sophistication. The red leather interior speaks of timeless elegance, while the palisander wood trim adds a touch of vintage charm and warmth. Every detail of the interior has been meticulously preserved, showcasing the great care the car has received. From the beautiful original leather to the original carpets, this interior is as beautiful as they come. However, the comfort is still nothing that has been overseen. The car offers a great seating position with possible accommodation for drivers of varying sizes. The rear seats of this coupe also make it a family friendly alternative among the classics. 

Exterior: The exterior of this Mercedes 220SE Coupe (Ponton Coupe) is a sight to behold. The Weissgrau 158 (white-gray) paint radiates a classic aura, while the chrome details gleam with pride. The precise panel fitment showcases the quality of the car’s restoration work and the overall condition attests to the care it has received over the years.

Engine and Mechanics: Beneath the hood lies the heart of the 220SE - the M127 engine, a 2.2L 6-cylinder powerhouse. With a Bosch 2-plunger mechanical fuel injection pump, this engine delivers 115 hp, ensuring a smooth and commanding ride. The independent front suspension with double wishbones and the low pivot point rear single-joint swing axle provide a driving experience that's both comfortable and dynamic. This paired with the car's smooth 4-speed manual transmission makes it a joy to drive. 

History and Documentation: This Mercedes 220SE Coupe (Ponton Coupe) carries a rich history. Delivered on October 21 1959 by Philipsons in Sweden, it found its early home with Lagans Textilfabrik AB in Lagan. From there, it changed hands, each owner adding a chapter to its legacy. Detailed documentation accompanies the car, including records of its restoration. With parts bills and workshop receipts, you'll have a glimpse into its journey through time. 
If live in Sweden and you have a classic Mercedes that you would like to sell. Please let us know here


What makes this Mercedes 220S Coupe special?

  • Sold new in Sweden
  • Full documentation
  • Original leather interior
  • Runs perfect


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