Triumph GT6 MK2 1969 | € 29.000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1969
KM: 117.000
PRICE: 29.000 Euro

Vehicle Overview


Triumph GT6 MK2 1969 for sale

The Triumph GT6 model started back in 1966 with the GT6 MK1. In July 1968 came the GT6 MK2 and then final version MK3 was built from October 1970 until 1973 when it was over. They all had the same six-cylinder engine. The power increased over the years, but also the weight. The designer was Giovanni Michelotti who had first designed the Triumph Spitfire models.

Exterior: This Triumph GT6 MK2 had a restoration 25+ years ago and it still looks great today. It was at that time built also for “track day” use. A roll cage was fitted. The car has a lower harder suspension and a set of cool time-period correct wheels fitted with new tyres up front. Underneath it is nice and clean. No corrosion or thick rust protection. As you can see, the bumpers were removed during the restoration to lighten the load.

Interior: In this Triumph GT6 MK2 1969, the interior is very original and in good condition. Only the roll bar reminds you that this car means business. A smaller steering wheel is fitted, and it is perhaps not so pretty, but it feels very good when you are driving. In other words, this car is all about driving, not riding.

Engine: So, instead of the original 2l Triumph GT6 engine here the 2.5l from a TR6 has been fitted together with headers and a free flow exhaust. Triple Webers will throw in as much fuel as they possibly can to give you that ultimate rush when this car takes off. At the moment, the car does not have a brake booster, but I am thinking of fitting one. The GT6 weigh around 800kg and has around 170hp.

History and maintenance: The Triumph GT MK2 was registered for the first time in Sweden on May 20th 1969. In 1979, it came to the second owner, and then just after one year to the third. In 1982, it came to the fourth owner, and he decided to restore the Triumph and make it so he could also take it to the track if he wanted to. But shortly after the restoration, family came along, and the car was left sitting in the heated garage until I was lucky enough to find it in April 2021. It was love at first sight, but she certainly did not love me back. It did start when I got it home, but the fuel pump shortly failed and the battery had seen better days.

Repairs during 2021/2022/2023

  • New fuel pump and one Weber carburettor replaced
  • The radiator had a complete rebuild and fitted with an electric fan
  • Clutch and brake cylinders replaced including slave
  • Brake hoses, brake cylinders for the rear wheels, rebuild callipers upfront
  • New water pump and all water hoses replaced
  • New high torque starter
  • New head gasket and studs
  • New Toyo tires upfront
  • New clutch and release bearing
  • New fiberglass cover for the gearbox (inside)
  • New fuel tank sending unit
  • Part, new exhaust
  • Technical inspection in Sweden May 2024

This car gives me a great thrill every time I drive it. It is such a cool little car. However, it is a Triumph, and I don’t think a car like this will ever be finished! There will always be things that you can improve and replace. And, I guess that is part of the journey with a car like this. Right now also a very nice MGB GT

What makes this Triumph GT6 special?

  • For street & track
  • Very fast and fun
  • Looks amazing on a budget
  • Good condition


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