Triumph TR4A IRS | € 33,300

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1965
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: Unknown
TRANSMISSION: 4 speed+ overdrive
PRICE: 33,300 Euro

Vehicle Overview

Triumph TR4A IRS 1965 for sale

I have had some Triumph cars before but most of them were GT6. I also had a TR3. Since I like Triumph cars very much, I decided to try this Triumph TR4 IRS. The TR4 came around in the early 1960’s and the TR4A was produced between 1965 to 1967 before the TR5 came into production with a six-cylinder engine. Then, the IRS came about and revolutionized the rear suspension on these cars. This resulted in that the TR4A cars are 2,2 cm wider than the earlier TR4. Also, the power increased for the TR4A with 10%. Wire wheels, overdrive, heater and seat belts were all extra options in 1965.

Exterior: This red Triumph TR4A looks absolutely stunning! And, the reason for that is an extensive restoration of this car that took place between 1998-2002. During the restoration, the body was separated from the frame. All parts were sandblasted then coated with primer and paint. 4 new fenders were fitted, and the entire body was painted in the original colour red. New chrome bumpers and all rubbers were replaced. The car then received a new soft top. The restoration was documented with photos. The Triumph was recently fitted with new tyres on the original steel wheels with hubcaps. This car looks immaculate on top, but it is just as nice underneath!

Interior: The interior in this Triumph TR4 IRS was replaced during the restoration. New seat covers and carpets. When the top is down, there is a black cover. Beautiful wooden dashboard with all fully operational instruments. Heating was an option for a TR4 and this car has that. It extends the driving season when you can go with the top down and still have heat coming at you. Underneath the soft top is a small space for a picnic basket.

Engine: The engine bay itself is so clean that you can leave your sandwich anywhere while checking the oil. The four-cylinder TR4 motor starts directly and sounds excellent. This is a small engine but provides very good torque making it feel more powerful than it is. The gearbox is nice and firm. The TR4A has an overdrive function on 3rd and 4th gear. This lowers the rpm substantially if you need to go on the highway. It also saves you fuel which is starting to become important even on a collector car. Stainless steel exhaust should last as long as you or this car is alive. The drum brakes are excellent. The Triumph has recently been serviced and is ready for the next sunny day.

History: This Triumph TR4 IRS was registered here in Sweden the first time on the 4th of May 1965. The second owner, Ruth Karlsson, bought the car in 1973, but kept it only for a few months. Later, Mr Öhling bought the car and kept it until 1998 when it changed hands to another lady, Lucia Lind. Lucia’s husband was the man who did the restoration on this car which took him about 4 years and the car was back on the road in 2002. It has after that been very well taken care of. Some of the work done more recently is listed below.

  • New radiator, radiator cap and electric radiator fan
  • 4 new tyres
  • Coil springs and shock absorbers
  • Air filters
  • Seat belts
  • Rear differential oil, spark plugs
  • Clutch and brake cylinders,
  • Gearbox and overdrive fitted as rebuilt unit
  • Parts for your Triumph you can get from Rimmer Bros
  • If you want to sell your Triumph let me know here.


What makes this Triumph TR4A special?

  • IRS model
  • Improved suspension
  • Overdrive
  • Restored to excellent condition
  • Original steel wheels

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