Chrysler Imperial Convertible Sedan | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1938
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: Unknown
TRANSMISSION: 3 speed+ overdrive

Vehicle Overview

Chrysler Imperial Eight Convertible Sedan 1938 for sale

The Chrysler Imperial Eight Convertible Sedan was a rare car from the start with only 113 cars built in total. This number includes sedans, coupes and 4-door convertible cars like this one. Please note that this is the Chrysler Imperial with straight-eight-cylinder engine. There are only 4 known cars like this in the world. Thus, it should not be confused with the smaller six-cylinder models. It is the 299 CID 120 hp inline engine linked to a three-speed gearbox with automatic overdrive. Chrysler Corporation claimed no less than 84 improvements to the 1938 model. A stronger clutch, bigger and better brakes and wheel bearings and a stronger chassis were a few of them.

Exterior: It is a Chrysler Imperial Eight Convertible Sedan in a very nice two-tone original colour scheme. This classic American convertible was registered in Sweden for the first time in 1988 and the restoration started just after that. In 2003, the Chrysler was completed and put into traffic. During the restoration, it was completely disassembled. The body and parts underneath the car were sandblasted, cleaned and painted. It is today gleaming in that shiny paint and glistering chrome. Body is very nice and straight and this big Imperial Convertible Eight has a suspension in perfect harmony. It is a big convertible, so the entire family can ride along. There is even a windscreen for the passengers riding in the back. When the top is down, there is a tonau cover if you want to leave it outside over night without having to take the roof up. There is also a special cover for the entire car when you park it in your garage over winter.

Interior: Chrysler Imperial Eight Convertible Sedan 1938 was Chrysler Corporation’s answer to Cadillac, Auburn and other American brands considered high end. When you look inside the Chrysler Imperial, it is quite easy to understand. With a full leather interior and wood veneer on the dashboard. Very beautiful and detailed instrumentation and a proper thick soft-top. A high-quality grey carpet that you can also find back in the trunk together with the original spare wheel.

Engine: The inline 8-cylinder engine runs very smoothly. Also, Chrysler’s genius overdrive system makes an American classic like this so much drivable in today’s condition. When you are in third gear, you just let off the gas pedal and the overdrive kicks in automatically. Then, when the car is slowed down or you shift down, it automatically disengages. The Imperial uses 6V battery and has a main power switch fitted. The engine has recently been serviced, and after this travelled no more than a few hundred kilometres. The straight eight had a complete overhaul recently.

History: This Chrysler Imperial Convertible Sedan 1938 was delivered to Montevideo Uruguay in 1938. It is said to have been the executive car for the Swedish company SKF (ball bearing company) After the time with SKF it came in to private hands and then found its way back to Sweden in 1988. Here the restoration work started with one owner, and the next owner completed the work. It is today a wonderful classic that has been sorted out after all restoration work. It has now come together and can be trusted even for longer drives. It comes with a binder of documentation also from South America. The original handbook for the car and original brochures. 

What makes this Chrysler Imperial Convertible Sedan special?

  • Straight eight engine
  • A handfull exist today
  • Two tone colour
  • Leather interior
  • Overdrive gearbox


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