Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet | €85,000


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1963
MAKE: Mercedes Benz
MODEL: 220SE Cabriolet
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 138000
TRANSMISSION:  Manual 4 speed
PRICE: €85,000

Vehicle Overview

There are many models under the Mercedes W111 code, starting with the saloon cars already in 1959. However, the Mercedes Coupe and convertible cars started with 220SE in 1961. Mercedes then later came with a 250SE, later on a 280SE and the final model was the Mercedes 280SE 3.5 with 200hp. From the Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet that we see here today, there were  just over 2700 cars produced (including coupes).

Exterior: It is not easy to make a beautiful convertible that is able to seat four people. Nevertheless, I think the Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet looks amazing driving down the road, even when the roof is in closed position. The black convertible cloth top has been fitted to the car in recent years and looks very good. What also is nice is that it is very quiet in the car while driving for being a convertible. The chrome all around the car is just beautiful, while the paint is chipped in several places. Some smaller dents can be seen, but the shine is still there.

Interior: The W111 Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet still has the original beige leather interior which is still nice and soft and has most likely had a colouring some time during its life. The wood panels have also been restored at some point and are in excellent condition. Just like all the instruments that work perfectly. The trunk area is in order and the original spare wheel and jack can be found there.

Engine: The 120hp straight six engine used in Mercedes 220 SE Cabriolet feels surprisingly strong. Driving around with the top down, there is rarely need for more power. Power is delivered to the rear through a four speed gearbox that is firm and distinguished. It is a big car, but it handles well due to proper Michelin tyres. Otherwise, the mechanics is up-to-date and there is no strange noises.

History: On the 24th of May in 1963, the first happy owner drove away in this Mercedes 220SE Convertible from the dealership. He or she kept the car until 1986 when the second owner came about. In 1995, it came to a Mercedes dealership in Stockholm and stayed there for 6 years. Until it again in May 2001 came to the present owner who has been caring for this car for the last 21 years. The counter is showing 38,700 and for sure that is turned over at least once. This car will not win you any concours price. But, if you are looking for a super elegant and stylish classic Mercedes Convertible -- A car that lets you bring your friends or the entire family when you head for the beach. Something you can leave on the parking lot in town without being nervous. In other words, a sound classic just for fun. -- then perhaps, this Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet is for you.  

What makes the 1963 Mercedes 220SE Cabriolet special?

  • Manual gearbox
  • 4 seater convertible


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