Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1969
MAKE: Alfa Romeo
MODEL: Giulia 1600 Super
KM: 60500
TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed Manual

Vehicle Overview

Exterior: The Alfa Romeo Giulia or 105 series were produced from 1962 to 1978. The car in caffe latte colour we are looking at here today is from 1969. However, this particular Alfa Romeo Giulia is very special for the reason that it was sold new in Sweden and has today travelled just over 60,000km from new! Most of this Giulia 1600 Super is still in first paint and it still looks absolutely amazing for a 52-year-old car. The paint is excellent with only a few small paint chips and some small scratches that have been filled with paintbrush. As you can see, it is today rolling on a set of alu wheels with classic Alfa pattern. The Giulia 1600 Super is slightly lowered in the suspension. The original parts are along with the car, if original look is preferred.

The outside is such a perfect match to cinnamon wool interior. And, with so much glass the full in/out colour combination is always seen. The glass is very good and the front screen still has the original “break in” sticker. The door rubbers are starting to show some age, but still keep the water and wind outside. All small details around the car, such as door handles, grill etc are also perfect or very close to perfect. When you open the doors, you see the small holes used for spraying the rust protection in to rocker panels, doors etc. That’s probably the reason this car looks like it does today.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super with 60.000km from new!

Interior: The feeling of sitting in an Italian car from this time period and with this wool material is something that will give a lasting memory. It just feels so homey and cosy that you can just sit in there and admire the beautiful instrumentation. But, considering how this car looks on the inside I would say it has only been admired from the outside! Except for some very small stains, it is hard to see that anybody has been sitting in this car at all. It still has those protective rubber mats and underneath is a perfect dark grey carpet.

In my life as a classic car enthusiast/dealer, I cannot recall that I have ever seen such well kept interior in a 50+ year-old car. Every little detail from seat adjustment knobs to instruments and wood panels is just perfect. Also, in the trunk are still the original rubber carpets in great condition.

Engine: The Giulia 1600 engine is a masterpiece. This car has been cared for by an Alfa Romeo mechanic for most of its life. The gearbox is quiet and smooth. Normal sound from final drive and the brakes are stopping with ease. All bushings front and rear were replaced at 59,000km.
History: The history for this fantastic classic Alfa could hardly be any better since the car was from new with an Alfa Romeo mechanic until 2015 when the second owner came about. So, a total of two owners and just over 60,000km! It comes with full documentation from Technical Control and service cards. The first registration document in original. The original handbook and tools. The small deviations from original that you can see on this Alfa Romeo 1600 Super can easily be put back. Where can you find another one like this?

What makes the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Super special?

  • Original 60.000km! 
  • Original interior still
  • 2 previous owners
  • Never welded
  • Mostly in original paint


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