BMW 3.0 CSi


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1974
MODEL: 3.0 CSi
KM: 115.000
TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Manual
PRICE: €89,000

Vehicle Overview

The beautiful BMW E9 cars from BMW were produced from 1968 to 1975. It started out with the 2800 CS rated at 170 hp. In 1971 came the BMW 3.0 CS and shortly after that the 3.0 CSi with 200 hp. The very last version was 2.5 CS, but unfortunately the power was now down to 150 hp. There was also a BMW CSL in several versions.

Exterior: This is a car that was taken completely in pieces. There was not much rust to begin with and what was there has been repaired by professionals. The car was then painted in the original BMW Polaris silver 060. All chrome parts are new and the same with all rubber details. Some of the aluminium trim is still the original and in good condition. The original wheel was sandblasted, painted and fitted with new tyres recently. The underneath of this car is as beautiful as the top. Every single detail was sandblasted and painted. New bushings, joints etc in the front and rear end. New Bilstein shocks and new springs. New brake rotors, hoses etc and refurbished callipers. The BMW 3.0 CSi is perfectly in level riding on new springs.

Interior: A complete leather interior was made for this car about 30 years ago. It is still in the car today and has a nice patina. All the wood panels have been refurbished, the instruments are in top condition and work as they should. Roll up seat belts front and rear. A time period correct Bilstein radio is fitted. Power windows front and rear all working properly. This BMW 3.0 CSi looks like new in the trunk area. The often broken plastic panels are perfect in this car. And, the tool box has the original tools.

Engine: The super strong and robust BMW 3 litre fuel injected straight six is a wonderful motor. It starts easily and sounds and feels very strong. During the restoration, the compression was very good so only the head needed to be rebuilt. All details around the engine were refurbished and the engine was painted and fitted with new gaskets and new hoses for fuel and cooling. The gearbox feels very good and was fitted with a new clutch. The car has travelled no more than 300 km after all this work.

History: There has been a very large investment made in this BMW 3.0 CSi and it was all done recently. The car is now ready to be enjoyed again for many years to come. This BMW E9 was registered on the 7th of October 1974 here in Sweden. We assume the counter has turned over once and the total travel today is 115,000km. The extensive restoration is documented with pictures and invoices. To sum it up, I think this is the perfect car for somebody who is planning to use it properly. With the older interior, it does not look like a car that came out of a fresh restoration. And, personally I like that very much. Since all that boring work of getting these E9 cars free from corrosion has already been taken care of, there should not be any worries in the future. Silver and blue always work very well together and especially in an E9 you can see a lot of the interior from the outside.

What makes the BMW E9 3.0 CSi special?

  • Polaris silver
  • Exceptional condition
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Newly inspected

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