Vespa Popolino 125 1963 | € 6500

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1963
MAKE: Vespa
MODEL: Popolino
KM: 11000
PRICE: 6500 Euro

Vehicle Overview

Vespa Popolino 125cc 1963

After the conclusion of World War II and Italy's commitment to end wartime activities with the Allies, stringent restrictions were imposed on the country's aircraft industry in terms of both its capabilities and production capacity. Piaggio, having suffered the destruction of its Pontedera bomber plane plant due to bombing during the conflict, confronted a challenging post-war scenario. Italy grappled with a crippled economy and a transportation infrastructure in disarray, notably its damaged roads, hindering the immediate revival of the automobile market.

Enrico Piaggio, the son of Piaggio's founder, Rinaldo Piaggio, confronted this adversity by steering away from the aeronautical domain. Recognizing Italy's urgent necessity for a modern, accessible, and affordable mode of transport for the masses, he embarked on a pivotal shift in focus. And, so the Vespa was born.

What we have here is a beautifully restored Vespa Popolino from 1963. All details on the scooter from its glistening red paint to its gear cables have been renewed. The restoration holds a high standard, and the vespa today looks as good as when it was finished. Although most parts have been replaced, one piece remains, the original speedometer which today is indicating 11,775km.

The Vespa Popolino is also a joy to drive with its powerful 125cc two stroke with the iconic vespa sound. This paired with its 4-speed transmission means that you can cruise at reasonable speeds and keep up with most modern traffic. After the restoration, the vespa also got an MOT done proving its roadworthiness. 

This Vespa also comes well documented. With MOT papers dating all the way back to 1975, this has been one cherished scooter. It also has all the parts invoices from its restoration and even comes with an original handbook. In summary, a beautiful Piaggio Vespa Popolino 125cc from 1963. 


What makes this Vespa special?

  • Restored to "like new" condition.


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