Ferrari 456M GTA | SOLD

Car Specs:

Manual456M GTA
YEAR: 1999
MAKE: Ferrari
KM: 90.000

Vehicle Overview

The Ferrari 456 GT was produced between 1992-2003 and is a 2+2 seater V12 Ferrari. At the time it was the world’s fastest four seater and it would do 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds. Pininfarina was in charge of design and for a long time also production. Later on, Ferrari took over.

Exterior: This Ferrari 456 M GTA has been repainted at some point and that is the reason there is not a single stone chip in the front or on the sides. Black is the right colour for a Ferrari 456 since it makes such a great contrast to the beige leather interior. It looks stunning coming down the road and making just the right amount of noise for a Grand Touring car. The original Ferrari wheels are in good condition. Tyres are due for replacement.

Interior: The Ferrari 456 M GTA is a 2+2 Grand Touring car and that means you can bring the kids and still travel in style. The beige leather is in a good condition. A little bit of sticky panels, but not bad. The AC needs to be filled up. Power seats in all directions up front.

Engine: The fantastic V12 fitted in the Ferrari 456M GTA makes a wonderful sound pulling away and nobody will doubt it is a Ferrari you are driving. The well-proven automatic gearbox makes driving relaxing, but can also be sporty when you want to.

History: This beautiful Ferrari 456 GTA has been resting for some years now and is due for a proper service. The 456M was sold new in Germany and still has German documents. It has the original pouch with all books. With German documents, you can easily register the car anywhere in E.U.

What makes the Ferrari 456M GTA special?

  • V12
  • Full service history
  • Great colour combination
  • 2+2


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