Fram King Fulda S7 | €25,000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1957
MAKE: Fram King Fulda
BODY STYLE: Microcar
KM: 10
TRANSMISSION: 4-Speed Manual
PRICE: €25,000

Vehicle Overview

The Fram King Fulda S7 for sale was a microcar manufactured in Sweden on license from Fuldamobil. The fiberglass bodies were made on the small island of Ven just 10 km from where I live. The cars were then assembled at Fram King bicycle factory in Helsingborg. Then, the factory on Ven burned to the ground and the production stopped after just over 400 cars produced. These Fram King Fulda cars were very popular in Sweden in the late fifties because they could be driven on a motorcycle licence since they only had 3 wheels. This was also the reason the BMW Isetta only had 3 wheels in Sweden.

Exterior: As you can see in the pictures, this Fram King Fulda has had a complete restoration that was completed in 2021. The body was painted, new rubber everywhere and new chrome. It is super shiny and smooth as an easter egg. All parts underneath including the entire frame have been sandblasted and then powder coated. The best thing about driving the Fram King Fulda is to look into the cars that you meet and see the smile on their faces.

Interior: Fram King Fulda S7 is said to be one of the best microcars for a couple of reasons. And, one of those reasons is that it is very roomy inside for a microcar. Two people can sit upfront and then in the back you can have two small to medium size children. During this period there were Heinkel Kabine, Messerschmitt, Goggomobil, BMW Isetta, Fuldamobil, and some others that were popular in Sweden. BMW also had an Isetta 600, but this had four wheels and required a normal driver’s licence in Sweden. This Fram King Fulda S7 has been refurbished inside with new upholstery and foam. New headliner etc.


FRAM KING FULDA S7 1957 for sale


Engine: The 200 cc two-stroke Sachs engine is easy to start. The King S7 had 4 speeds forward. You then shut off the car and start the ignition backwards, and you have 4 speeds backwards. The engine has just been disassembled and checked. New gaskets etc.

History: The FKF was sold new here in Sweden in 1957 and I bought it as a project in 2013. In 2021, the restoration was finally completed, and this little car is driving with full force. The last time it was on the street was in1981. Comes with the first registration documents and some other documentation. Ready to make history again. I have two more Fram King Fulda S7. One is a project or parts car with papers. And then I have also one 100% original unrestored working and driving car.

More info on the FKF S7 here

A more well known Swedish car would be the Volvo Amazon

Fram King Fulda S7 highlights

  • Fresh restoration
  • Fiberglass body
  • Can take 4 people
  • Registered as motorcycle
  • Just over 400 cars built

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