1958 Jaguar 3.4l XK150 S Open Two Seater

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1958
MAKE: Jaguar
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 999999
TRANSMISSION: 4 speed+overdrive
PRICE: €185,000

Vehicle Overview

1958 Jaguar XK 150 S LHD OTS for sale

If you are new to the XK cars, perhaps you are not familiar with the different models. The Jaguar XK 150 were available in Coupe, DHC which mean Drop Head Coupe and OTS which mean Open Two-Seater. The DHC has a larger roof that folds and lays on top of the car like an accordion while the OTS has a smaller top that folds away behind the seats giving the car a much cleaner look. If you plan to do a lot of driving with the top up, the DHC is the better alternative for you. There were different engine options and XK 150 S came with 210 or 250hp (the standard XK 150 had 190hp).

Exterior: This Jaguar XK 150 S is today in striking condition with the dark blue exterior paint and red leather inside. Very nice chrome and good panel fit for the model. The car was repainted somewhere in the region of 2003 and still looks amazing today.

Interior: There is a dark blue soft top that neatly folds away behind the seats so you can show off the fabulous red leather interior in perfect condition. Since this is the XK 150 OTS you get a very clean roadster to look at with the top down.

Engine: Documentation states engine rebuild in 2016. It starts easily and runs perfectly. A new automatic choke has recently been fitted and also an electric servo steering making this XK 150 a bliss to drive even for a lady. The overdrive gearbox is also in good order and has normal sound from the final drive. This is a matching numbers car.

History: This is a very well documented Jaguar XK 150 3.4l OTS S. It has full owners’ history in chronological order. It has copies of the various titles where the car has been registered over the years. It comes with the original operating and service handbook, extra keys and invoices of some of the work carried out recently. To sum up, this description you see here offered for sale a very collectable Jaguar XK 150 OTS. And you would be taking over it perhaps in the best possible state. By that I mean it is not a freshly restored car. It is a car that has been used and tested and has now come together and is performing as excellent as it looks. It is also a very rare model and arguably in the most beautiful shape and colour combination. 2020-04-23 it was registered and taken through Technical Control here in Sweden and comes with Swedish registration documents.

If you have a vintage Jaguar to sell. 

Jaguar XK 150 OTS workshop close to Classix

Jaguar XK 150S OTS Highlights

  • XK150 in S configuration with 250hp
  • Matching numbers car
  • Electric power steering
  • Very good condition
  • Open Two Seater clean look
  • Overdrive

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