SAAB 96 Sport 1962 | € P.O.R

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1962/63
MODEL: 96 Sport
KM: 48000
PRICE Price on request

Vehicle Overview

SAAB 96 Sport for sale


The SAAB 96 Sport came as a replacement for the SAAB 750 GT that had been previously sold only for export, most of them to America. Some also referred to these cars as the 850 GT, and from 1964 onwards, the name of the model became SAAB 850 Monte Carlo. On the outside, the SAAB Sport is easily recognized by the two chrome stripes on each side of the car. On the inside, the difference is more visible with a different instrument cluster and different seats. The main difference was, of course, under the hood with a much more powerful engine.

Exterior: The majority of the SAAB 96 Sport cars were or have later been painted red, most likely since SAAB became famous from their racing success and the cars they raced were red. What makes this SAAB 96 Sport stand out is that it is a beautiful dark blue original color. The car was restored around 2007, and the paint still looks very nice today. It is fitted with Ronal wheels and Toyo tires that suit the SAAB cars very well. The underneath of the car was painted with a black stone chip protection, and it is today 100% rust-free. All wearing parts like bushings and joints were replaced during the restoration, and the car has been driven 1,400 km since.

Interior: Most of the interior is original from 1962. The driver’s seat is worn and slightly broken. The carpets are new, and all the instruments are beautiful and in full function. The original sport steering wheel is in excellent condition.

Engine: The original SAAB 96 Sport engine has just been broken in and was completely rebuilt with new pistons and gaskets, delivering 52 wild horsepower. The 4-speed gearbox was also original on the sport model, and SAAB always had the freewheel, so you do not need to use the clutch when you change gears. Another detail that is special for the SAAB Sport is that it has a special tank in the engine compartment for the two-stroke oil, so you never have to think about mixing the gasoline yourself when you fill up the car. The 1962 SAAB Sport also featured disc brakes up front.

History: The SAAB 850 GT or 96 Sport, as they were referred to here in Sweden, was sold new to the first lucky owner on the 24th of April in 1963. The car changed ownership frequently until 1973, when it looks like it was taken out of traffic and did not come back on the road until 2008. After the restoration in 2008, the car has traveled about 1,400 km. In 2024, the carburetors were refurbished, the tank was cleaned, and a new battery was installed. The last technical inspection was done in 2020 and is still valid in Sweden.

If you live in Sweden and would like to sell your classic SAAB, please let us know here. 750 GT, 850 GT, 93, 96


What makes this SAAB special?

  • SAAB 96 Sport is a rare find today
  • Not many cars produced in dark blue
  • Restored car by specialist to very good condition
  • Very original


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