Citroen DS 23 Pallas | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1975
MODEL: DS 23 Pallas
KM: 157.000

Vehicle Overview

Citroen DS 23 Pallas for sale

Have a look at this unique and stunning 1975 Citroën DS 23 Pallas Manual, a real classic gem! It's the top-of-the-line version, and this one is the last model produced in 1975, making it extra special. The Pallas version comes with extra thick foam in the floor for a comfy and more silent ride, upgraded interior, extra chrome detailing and lots more. And let me tell you, it's like sitting in your own living room on wheels. Only 847 DS cars were made in 1975, a staggeringly low number compared to the around 40,000 units that were produced in 1974. This was due to the release of the CX model in 1974. The majority of the 847 cars produced in 1975 actually went to Sweden. The reason behind this was a delay in getting a type approval for the Citroen CX. This meant the CX could not be sold in Sweden for another year and the DS was the only option. 

Interior: Step inside this Citroën DS 23 pallas, and you'll be greeted by an original brown full leather interior that's in fantastic shape. The leather is still looking great, and everything inside the cabin works like a charm. It's a smooth and enjoyable ride, that's for sure. You'll feel like a king or queen sitting in this car. Shifting through the five-speed manual transmission is an enjoyable experience and the car is easily capable of keeping up with modern traffic and moderate rpm. 

Exterior: Take a look at the exterior, and you'll see a neat and well-presented car. All the little stainless steel details are in good condition, and the white paint goes well with the brown leather inside. Also, complementing the white color are the gorgeous white striped Michelin tyres. The iconic design still remains beautiful today and it is a design that genuinely turns heads. It does not only turn heads but also brings out the best in people. Driving this car will certainly land you an array of thumbs ups and pleasant encounters with people wanting to tell you their experiences with DS models.  

Mechanics: Mechanically, this Citroën DS 23 Pallas for sale is in great shape. The suspension works perfectly, and the car can raise and lower without a hitch. It's a pleasure to drive with no problems at all. Some recent updates include a new stainless steel exhaust system and top-notch Michelin tyres. Normal maintenance has also been completed recently. This included overhauling of the brakes and normal servicing. The car has also passed a Swedish MOT test with flying colors, so it's roadworthy and ready to hit the streets!

History and Documentation: This Citroën DS 23 Pallas was first sold in Sweden back in 1975, and it's had only three owners since then. It also comes with a bunch of paperwork, like receipts for parts, old pictures, and the original handbook. You'll get a taste of its history and know that it's been well cared for over the years.
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What makes this Citroen DS 23 Pallas special?

  • Pallas model with leather
  • Runs perfect
  • Top model of the range DS 23


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