Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B 1952 | € 109,000

Car Specs:

YEAR: 1952
MODEL: 220 Cabriolet B
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 5400 (read)
PRICE: 109,000 Euro

Vehicle Overview

Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B W187 for sale

The Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B W187 cars were produced between 1951- 1955. These cars are similar to the Mercedes 170S B Cabriolet but with a bigger six-cylinder engine. In order to fit the new engine, the front of the car had to be redesigned. And just like the Mercedes 170S, the Mercedes 220 was offered in two versions -- the Mercedes 220 Cabriolet A and Cabriolet B.

Exterior: I think even the most critical eyes will appreciate the incredible restoration work that this Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B W187 has undergone. After a super high-level paintwork was done, every little detail going back on the car is just perfect. The new soft top is a piece of art in itself with a super nice stretch. Despite its being a very large top, it’s still very easy to close or take down. There is a convertible cover in black that was not fitted on while I took these pictures. It looks just stunning in this colour combination. The Mercedes is rolling on a new set of white wall tyres. Underneath the car, there are two cover plates under the engine that are removed, but these will come with the car. Also, a newly made aluminium heat shield for the exhaust.

Interior: As you can see in the pictures, this 1952 Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B W187 for sale still has its original leather interior. The leather has a wonderful patina and is still nice and soft. All instruments are beautiful and there is even a working radio that has been modified for Bluetooth.

Engine: The Mercedes 220 engine has also been rebuilt. It sounds and feels very powerful for a 1952 car. As I am sure experts can see, this car has been fitted with a gear shifter on the floor. Personally, I like this very much even though I am well-aware of that it is not original. It just makes the car so much easier to operate. With the straight-six cylinder, the 220 Cabriolet B is very entertaining to drive. Although this classic car is 70 years old, it has no problem keeping up with modern traffic conditions on normal roads.

History: We will jump in at the second birth of this Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B W187. In 1976, when the car was completely dismantled in order to make a full restoration, the body was removed from the frame. The body was left with a local welder who did a marvellous work with this car. Pictures from the restoration are available. All metal work was done exactly like when the car was new.

Engine and technical restoration work:

  • Engine was bored out and fitted with new pistons, rings etc.
  • The head had a complete rebuild.
  • Rebuilt water pump and new thermostat.
  • The special exhaust manifold was restored, and the car was fitted with a stainless-steel exhaust.
  • All gaskets replaced on the gearbox.
  • Brakes are all new from cylinders, hoses, shoes, new brake pipes in steel.
  • Front and rear end had a complete overhaul with new bushings and joints. New shocks and new bearings and dust seals rear.
  • Electric system has a completely new wiring loom. Rebuilt starter and alternator.
  • The soft top and carpets were done by Mats Andersson in Ystad. a royal court supplier in Sweden.
  • Central lubrication system revised.
  • Original radio converted with Bluetooth connection.
  • Cooling system with new radiator and heater element. All hoses new.


What makes this Mercedes 220 Cabriolet B special?

  • Stunning condition
  • Rare car today
  • Wonderful colour combination


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