When one door closes….

When one door closes....

So, you would like to come and see my showroom? You are actually here already! Classix has gone from the big luxurious glass showroom open daily to the public, to being a 24-hour online showroom. And cars are shown in person to prospective clients in private by appointment only. Our goal is to continue developing the way we can get you to understand the quality of a certain car. We do not want to waste your time (and ours) to have you go around looking at cars that are not what the seller said they would be. Honestly, not many classic cars are “show cars, councours or mint condition” but they could still be great cars! Our aim is to get all the facts on the table before time and money is invested, so that when you do come and see us, we are all happy and can do business together.

We believe this is the future for the classic car market, and that we will be able to offer you a higher quality of cars for less money than our competitiors with this set-up. It will also free up my time so I can go and find those special cars for you!

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