Volvo P1800S


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1963
MAKE: Volvo
MODEL: P1800
KM: 111700
TRANSMISSION: 4 speed+overdrive

Vehicle Overview

In 1963, the production of the Volvo P1800 had just been moved from the Jensen factory back home to Gothenburg in Sweden. For this reason, the cars were now called Volvo P1800S. The bodies were still delivered by Pressed Steel in UK. A different style of hubcaps was introduced for the 1963 and 1964 cars and the badge on the C pillar was dropped. Otherwise, the cars looked very similar.

Exterior: This car was restored in 1981 when the rocker panels were replaced. Then, the car was repainted in the original white. It still looks very nice today despite some traces of use on the paintwork and wheels. It has spent most of the time after this restoration in a heated garage. Chrome is good and all rubber around screens etc is also very good. All trim and details such as grill air intake are in exceptional condition. The external mirrors on this Volvo P1800S can easily be removed or readjusted.

Interior: The best part with this 1963 Volvo P1800S is the interior. It is still after nearly 60 years wearing an all-original interior with leather that has a fantastic patina. Not many cars had leather from factory. Most cars I have seen before were fitted with vinyl. It even looks like this could be the original carpets for the car and they are also in very good condition. Dashboard and the instruments look like new still! Even the clock is working! And, that is very rare for a Volvo P1800. This is an early car from 1963, so it has the little pillows and the small compartment in the back for your Bluetooth speaker, if you do not want to use the time period correct working radio. It is like jumping in to a time capsule from 1963, turning the key and drive away. Trunk contains original spare and jack.

Engine: The indestructible B18 starts easily and runs perfectly. These engines run at least for 200,000km and when it is time for a rebuild, it will set you back around 1,000€. This one feels very strong still and is very smooth on idle. Gearbox with overdrive is all good with normal sound also from the rear axle. Free from clonks and squeaking. All electrical equipment is working as it should.


What makes this 1963 Volvo P1800S Special?

  • Very original car
  • Super nice original leather
  • One of the first S models made in Sweden
  • Time period working radio
  • working clock

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