Jaguar XK 150S OTS 1958


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1958
MAKE: Jaguar
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 30
TRANSMISSION: 4 speed+overdrive

Vehicle Overview

The Jaguar XK models started with the XK 120 already back in 1948. In 1954, they made the car a little bit faster, so the name changed to XK 140 even though it was not capable of 140 mph. The last car in the Jaguar XK era was the XK 150 that came around 1957. There were a couple of different versions available of the XK 150 over the years.
XK 150 3.4 with double SU 190hp
XK 150 3.4 S.E with double SU 210hp
XK 150 3.4 S with triple SU and 250hp. In 1959, a 3.8l version was introduced giving the XK 15hp more.

Exterior: The restoration work on this car started from a very good base with minor rust. The Jaguar XK 150 S is today in the very same Carmen red as it was when it left the factory in September 1958. The now-10-year-old paintwork is stunning and it really pops with those white wall tyres. All of the chrome is new and the same for all rubber details. The gaps are excellent and all panels close properly. The new black soft top has a very nice stretch to it. The chromed wire wheels are also new. This highly desirable Jaguar XK 150 S looks absolutely striking driving down the road.

Interior: Inside the Jaguar XK 150S OTS, you have a new leather interior in top quality. New carpets and refurbished wood panels. Underneath the carpets, you have Dynamat to give you back that solid feel when you drive the car. The instruments have been rebuilt by a specialist here in Sweden, Jige Instruments. The new mohair soft top has a very good stretch and this classic actually looks good even with the roof up.

Jaguar XK 150S

xk150 Jaguar XK 150S OTS 1958 in red with black leatherEngine: Well, since everything else on this car is new, I am sure you understand that also the engine had a complete rebuild. Starting with a new clutch and release bearing, resurfaced flywheel. The engine from the bottom up with new bearings, weighed and balanced pistons and rods. Resurfaced head and grinded valve seats. New valve seals. All gaskets replaced and going out with style in a new exhaust. New chains and tensioners. Carburettors rebuilt and a complete new wiring loom fitted. All bushings in the front and rear. Rebuilt wiper motor and all other electrical equipment has been looked over. Rebuilt radiator and everything in the brake system is new. Just like the rebuilt gearbox and overdrive. Many of the parts for this car were ordered from Jaguar XK 150S specialist Guy Broad in U.K .

What makes this Jaguar XK 150S OTS special?

  • Extensive restoration
  • S is special equipment version 250hp
  • Chrome spoke wheels and white walls
  • Left hand drive
  • Matching numbers

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