1928 Bentley 6 ½ Litre with Speed Six coachwork


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1928
MAKE: Bentley
MODEL: Speed Six
BODY STYLE: Convertible
KM: 999999

Vehicle Overview

Bentley 6 ½ Litre Speed Six 1928 for sale

In the mid 20’s W.O. Bentley decided that a larger chassis with a more powerful engine was needed to suit the bigger heavier limousine bodies that many of his customers were then putting on his 3.0 litre sports car. The new car would be more refined and better suited for comfortable general motoring to meet the needs of his well-heeled clients! The result was the Bentley 6½ litre which was produced from 1926 to 1930 in rolling chassis form of various lengths to be supplied to specialist coachbuilders according to the wishes of each customer. Each car was powered by Bentley’s 6.6 litre straight 6 overhead cam, 4 valves per cylinder engine developing around 150hp.

A competition version of the 6½ litre with modified cams and twin SU carburettors producing 180hp was offered from 1928, known as the ‘Speed Six’ it would become the most successful racing Bentley with accomplishments including two Le Mans wins! This particular car was first supplied to Lt. Col. Hamilton in 1927 with a 4- door limousine body by Hooper who were coachbuilders of the highest quality, their customers included members of the Royal family and this would have been an extremely expensive car at the time. Having survived the war in one piece and subsequently enduring the post war years, the Bentley was eventually restored in 1989 to full ’Speed Six’ specification with a Vanden Plas Le Mans type body.

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The restoration included reuniting the car with its original 1927 registration number which it still holds. The owner that purchased the car in 2006 and set about a no expense spared Rally conversion. The enhancements included an 8.0 litre block, chassis strengthening, back up alternator, new wiring, axle straps, dust proofing the air intakes, room for 2 batteries, hidden safe, twin Monits and a heater etc etc. This Bentley has been prepared and maintained to the highest standard throughout its many journeys, has completed them all without major problems or breakdowns and is now fully ready for its next adventure. The car also comes with an extensive and well documented history report written by Clare Hay, the acknowledged authority on vintage Bentleys. It’s rally and touring accomplishments are as follows:

– 2006 Tour of Holland and Belgium 1000 miles

– 2007 London to Belek (Turkey)

-10 countries 2750 miles,

-California 1500 miles, including Laguna Seca racing

– 2008 Tour of Jordan 1000 miles, London Bassano (Italy) London 2000 miles

– 2009 Tour of India 2000 miles,

-3 Castles Rally Wales 1000 miles,

-Tour of Scotland 1500 miles

– 2010 Peking Paris 10,000 miles, gold medal for starting and finishing on time every day

– 2011 Tour of Sweden 2000 miles

– 2012 A Winter Tour of Wales 750 miles

– 2013 Birkin Memorial Rally Norfolk, Brooklands and Switzerland 2000 miles, Tour of Germany Dresden and back 2000 miles

– 2015 Germany Tour 2000 miles

-2022 Saxtorp Gran Prix track 5 miles

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1928 Bentley Speed Six highlights

  • Looks and sounds amazing
  • No expense spared rally conversion
  • Prewar Grand Touring car
  • Ready for driving


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