Simca 9 Sport coupe 1953 | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1953
MODEL: 9 Sport 
KM: 45.400

Vehicle Overview

Simca 9 Sport Coupe 1953 for sale

The Simca 9 Sport Coupé, which was introduced in 1952, was a vehicle manufactured by Facel-Métallon, renowned creators of the Facel Vega. The car's design was based on Pininfarina's concept, while its construction followed a unitary approach, unlike the Simca Aronde on which it was mechanically built. Additionally, the car featured an upgraded 1,221cc overhead-valve engine, which provided a horsepower increase from 45 to 50. The Simca 9 Sport, produced by Facel, was notably expensive, surpassing the price of a Porsche 356. The remarkable dedication to detail exhibited by Facel-Vega and its founder, Jean Daninos, was evident in the meticulously crafted aluminum/steel body. The car also showcased exquisite features, including the intricately designed three-dimensional Jaeger instruments and the elegant chrome embellishments found within the vehicle's interior. It is a very rare car. You will not find many Simca 9 Sport for sale today.

Exterior:  The Simca 9 Sport Coupe's exterior has undergone a comprehensive restoration, resulting in a high standard of the car. The car's two-tone paint job harmonizes beautifully with its elegant lines. The paintwork also displays a very high level in terms of finish. Moreover, the body panels fit great, showcasing the attention to detail during the restoration process. Notably, even the smaller elements, such as the front grill and the beautiful popout door handles which would be seen on the Mercedes 300 SL a few years later, have been impeccably maintained.

Interior: Inside, the car's interior exudes a captivating blend of beauty and craftsmanship. No detail has been overlooked, from the thoughtfully designed steering wheel to the shape of the gear selector. Presently, the interior has been skillfully restored, maintaining a commendable standard. The dashboard has been repainted to perfection, boasting an impressive finish. The restorer made the decision to preserve the original leather on the seats, which now exhibits a charming patina, adding to the interior's character. It is only right where the driver slides in there is a tear in the leather about 10cm long.

Engine and mechanics: Under the hood, the Simca 9 Sport Coupe is equipped with a robust 50-horsepower four-cylinder engine, delivering respectable performance and enabling it to keep up with modern traffic at moderate speeds. The 4-speed manual gearbox allows for smooth acceleration while maintaining moderate RPM levels. The car's sturdy chassis and suspension provide impressive handling, particularly considering its age. Presently, the car remains mechanically sound, running smoothly and reliably.

History: In terms of its history, the Simca 9 Sport Coupe for sale here left the factory in France in 1953 and was subsequently imported to Växjö, Sweden, in 1985. It found its way into the hands of a passionate enthusiast who dedicated his life to restoring the car to its former glory. Unfortunately, shortly after completing the restoration, the owner passed away, leaving the Simca in the care of his wife, who continues to own the car to this day. The odometer on the car is today showing 45,000km. Most likely, it has turned over at least one time.

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What makes this Simca 9 Sport special?

  • Super rare!
  • Mille Miglia eligible
  • Beautiful
  • Costed twice as much as Porsche 356 in 1953.


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