Alfa Romeo Giulia 1750 GT Veloce | SOLD


Car Specs:

YEAR: 1969
MAKE: Alfa Romeo
MODEL: 1750 GT Veloce
KM: 124,000 (read)

Vehicle Overview

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1750 GT Veloce 1969 


Exterior: After the Giulietta it was time for the Alfa Romeo 105 series. Or Giulia 1750 GT Veloce. The GT was for Grand Turismo and the V for “veloce” which is Italian for speed. Most cars where painted in solid colours like red, white, yellow. And then some lucky ones where painted “Verde Olivia metallizzato” and that is this gorgeous olive green metallic. This Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV  is coming out of an extensive restoration and was painted last year. Wheels where sandblasted, painted and fitted with new tyres and hubcaps. All rubber details on the car where replaced. It is a complete original setup with wheels and suspension. Underneath the car was cleaned and a new stone chip protection was made. Very good gaps and panel fit.


How does the Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV look inside?


The Giulia has a complete new brown leather interior that looks amazing. It makes such a great contrast to the olive green exterior. The leather work is truly exceptional and in top quality leather. As you can see the super cool Zagato seats with adjustable headrest for the passenger. I know it sounds strange, but it is the way it was at the time. It is possible to switch the seats though. The wood panels has a nice matt finish and those little chrome flip switches is just what you miss in todays cars. The instruments are all working and looking great. New carpets and a perfect clean headliner. Put on your leather gloves, Italian shoes and lets go for a spin.

Engine: The engine had a complete revision and all work is supported with invoices. Just like the brake system where all wearing components are new. The gearbox is wonderful with none of the normal issues for Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV. All joints and bushings in the front and rear have been replaced and then the Alfa Romeo was fitted with a new exhaust system.

History: This stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia 1750 GTV was registered for the first time here in Sweden on the 9th of July in 1969. The 1750 GT Veloce was taken out of traffic in 1989. It was bought by a Alfa Romeo collector in 2019 that had the restoration done by Alfa Romeo specialist in Sweden. In 2022 it was back on the road and has been driven only for test and adjustments.
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What makes this Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Special?

  • Excellent condition
  • New leather interior
  • Olive green
  • Series 1


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