Mercedes 230SL Pagoda

1965 Mercedes W113 230SL Pagoda for sale


  • mercedes 230sl for sale
  • mercedes 230sl for sale

Mercedes 230SL 1965 for sale

Exterior: This Mercedes 230SL looks amazing in black with red interior. Personally, I think these cars look best with the hardtop on. On this car even the hardtop is in perfect condition. And, when you want to drive away and have the possibility to take the roof down, it also has a soft top that is brand new (in the best material and fitted by a professional). This means it does not stand up around the corners. Most of the chrome parts are original and in good condition.

mercedes 230sl for sale

Interior: This Mercedes W113 230SL Pagoda for sale came with a material referred to as “Tex” and it is a type of vinyl. Very durable and suitable for a convertible car where you occasionally need to give the interior a scrub. The instruments are in exceptional condition and there is a classic radio too.

Engine: The engine in this Mercedes 230 SL from 1965 has recently been rebuilt. As you can see in the pictures, it looks as nice in the engine bay today as it did back in 1965. And the engine runs very nicely. The rebuild included new bearings, piston rings, etc. And the work was done by a Mercedes specialist.

History: This beautiful Pagoda 230 SL was sold new in Belgium and came to Sweden in October 1975. The present owner has had the car since 2006. This classic car comes with a binder full of collected receipts and Technical Inspection documents done over the years. Also, the Mercedes owner’s manual and some other helpful Mercedes literature. This Mercedes W113 is in its birth specifications. Tools, original spare and stop block are also along with the car.

I have one more Mercedes 230SL in white colour

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Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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