Alfa Romeo Montreal 1971

Alfa Romeo Montreal 1971 for sale

The front of the Alfa Romeo Montreal must be one of the best in Italian motor making! With a V8 engine with racing pedigree, Alfa Romeo had built a great Grand Touring car but unfortunately the timing for the car could not have been worse. The oil crisis was a fact and anything with a V8 was impossible to sell and the production came to a halt in 1977 with only 3,900 cars built.

Exterior: This car received a new and very perfect paint in 2017. In the original truly 70’s green color. All chrome, rubber and glass on the outside of the car are in perfect shape. Also new tires fitted.

Interior: New carpets, dashboard, switches etc. Original and very good seats. All instrumentation working as it should. Beautiful car inside!

Engine: Starts right up and gives a great sound. Good oil pressure, good dogleg gearbox. Headlights work perfectly too.

History: This car came to Sweden in 1977. We do not know which country was first delivery.

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