Mercedes 220 SEb 1962

1962 Mercedes 220 SEb W111 for sale


Exterior: This Mercedes W111 220SEb from 1962 is still to 60% in the first paint.



And everything you see on the outside of the car is original except for the tyres. Chrome parts are still today very close to perfect except a few very small dents. All rubber is still original and in a very good condition. The original seals in doors from this period were special. And, I have never found any replacement rubbers that would have the same softness as the original. On this car, the doors shut easily and still there is no noise from the wind. This Mercedes 220SE fintail is rolling on a set of new Vredestein classic in correct size for the car. Most cars from this time period were rust protected from the dealers here in Sweden. I doubt this classic Mercedes has ever seen a snowflake and it is rust free underneath.


The most original and well-kept Mercedes 220 SEb that I have ever seen


Interior: When you sit inside this 1962 W111 Mercedes 220 SEb, it is like being transported in time back to 1962. Everything inside this car is original, unrestored and beautiful. In 1962, there were a few options for your Mercedes and one of them was original rubber cover mats. These have been in the car from new and have helped save the original carpets underneath. Another very special option was a radio and speaker. To operate your radio, a special license was required every year and even the receipts for the radio license are still in the documentation. Safety came early in Sweden and a set of Swedish Klippan seat belts were fitted from new. For most of this car’s life, the seats have been wearing covers. So today, it still has the original cloth seats in perfect condition. All instruments are working and are in a superb condition. The special standing speedometer on these cars is a state of art.



Mercedes 220 SEb Engine: The Mercedes 220 SEb had fuel injection and produced 120hp. And still today, this gives you a comfortable speed at 110-120 km/h on the highway looking very stylish. All fluids have been replaced recently. The brakes had a complete revision. All joints have been greased. The gears go in very easily and all sounds from this car are normal.


A piece of Swedish automotive history


History of this 1962 Mercedes 220SEb: Mr Larsson was a house builder in a small town in Sweden. He was doing well and in 1962 he bought a brand new W111 Mercedes 220 SE fintail. Since he was working hard, he did not drive the Mercedes much and it was always kept nice and clean in the garage. In 1992, Mr Larsson passed away and left the car for his son. Every year the car was taken to Technical Inspection and then back to the garage. It has today travelled a total of just over 120,000km. This can be verified with documents and original service book. The original documentation of this car is spectacular. All original books such as handbook, service book, warranty card and engraved metal service card from first owner come along with the car. The original tools in the original roll. Jack and spare, it is all there.


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