Jaguar E-type Coupe Series 1 1/2

Soon up for sale Jaguar E-type Coupe in white with black leather

Jaguar E-type Series 1 ½ Coupe

jaguar e-type for sale

I love Jaguar E-type in pretty much all shapes and forms. The early series 1 cars are the most beautiful with their aluminium panels in the interior. Covered headlights and the peppy 3.8l engine is to die for.

The series 2 cars now with much better seats and improved gearbox. The Jaguar E-type series 3 is very much different with a wider body, proper grill mesh and the silky smooth V12 engine. A car you travel far with comfort and style.

The Jaguar E-type that will soon be in stock is a car that was sold new in Sweden 1968. It looks great in white with black leather. And it is a very original car still wearing the original leather on the seats.

The sound from this machine is fabulous and much better than most 4.2l E-types I have driven before!

Price and much more information is coming soon when this car comes under under “cars for sale”

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