Volvo P1800 Jensen

Volvo P1800 Jensen from 1961 in white for sale

Exterior: The Volvo P1800 Jensen 1961 was recently painted in the original birth colour. All chrome parts are new or rechromed. All rubber details are new and so is some of the glass. The special original hubcaps that tell this car was built by the Jensen factory in U.K. Now fitted with new time-period correct Pirelli Cinturato tyres. The red interior makes a great contrast in this classic Swedish sportscar. In 1961 you could get your Volvo P1800 in red, grey or white.

Interior: Regardless of the outside colour,  the carpet was always grey in the Volvo P1800 Jensen cars. As you can see, pretty much everything inside this Volvo P1800 is new. All the beautiful, but sensitive instruments are working. In this car, there are  two very rare options which are wooden steering wheel and original seats belts. The P1800 Jensen cars had a small parcel shelf in the back  instead of the foldable backrest that came later. In the trunk,  you will find the original jack, spare and handle as well as rubber carpet and cover for the spare wheel.

Engine: The original B18 engine has been completely rebuilt with new pistons, rings bearings etc. Also, the head has been revised. Just like all components around the engine such as starter, charging system etc. A complete new wire loom has been fitted. Gearbox and overdrive work fine. The entire brake system has been revised with new parts and the brake servo has been rebuilt.

History: This very early and one of the very first cars sold in Sweden. And this perticular Volvo P1800 1961 was sold new to the countess Monica Hamilton when she resided in Malmö. She owned the Volvo P1800 Jensen for a little more than 3 years and when she had her second child, she decided to trade it in for a Volvo Amazon. The Volvo then changed hands many times before it came to present owner in 2015. And,  that was when the work was started to rebuild it back to its former glory. The complete car owner’s history is documented in chronological order. And, the restoration of the car is also very well documented with photos and a detailed description of what has been done. And this Volvo P1800 comes with FIVA documents that have been issued just recently. It is rare to find such an early Volvo P1800 in this great condition.

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Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:4 speed+overdrive
Manufactured in:Sweden
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