Aston Martin V8 Saloon Oscar India

Aston Martin V8 Saloon Oscar India 1980 for sale

The brand Aston Martin is almost synonymous with James Bond and particularly the classic models in the 70’s and 80’s. Aston Martin V8 is a true Grand Touring car, something that is luxurious and fast, but still comfortable enough for a long stretch when you need to.

Exterior: In its original colour “Old Pewter” that looks sharp to the beige interior and still makes a nice contrast to all the chrome details on the Aston. This car has a very nice paintwork with just few small reminders that it has been worn for the last 20 years or so. All exterior lights are perfect as well as chrome and glass. You can tell this is a car that has never been taken into a million pieces and put back together again. Everything is today in the same place as it was when it left the factory back in 1980 and for this reason everything closes very nicely, and the gaps are perfect.

Interior: If you just like me who loves to open the door on a classic car and feel that smell of classic Connolly leather and padded Wilton carpets, the kind of smell that comes out from all the more exclusive British automobile brands from this time period, then this is the perfect car for you. I think it is rare to find a 40-year-old Aston Martin that is so intact and original as this one inside. Yes, there are some very small cracks in the lacquer on the wood panels and the foam in the seats is not as firm as I assume it used to be. But it is original! And it is not easy to keep such light interior looking so nice for so many years. And I believe that verifies the low km for this car. All instruments etc are in working order. Put the armrest down in that backseat and any kid would be content and happy for hours of driving.

Engine: The V8 gives a great sound. Just loud enough so the neighbours have to look out the window to see what is coming. It is however a big engine and for that reason I am very happy the first owner choose to have an automatic gearbox. I feel with such big engine the ride is so much smoother and enjoyable with an automatic gearbox. Good oil pressure and normal sound from engine, gearbox and final drive.

History: To get started, there were a total of 293 Aston Martin V8 Saloon built (excluding Vantage cars) and 63 of these were left hand drive. This particular car came to Sweden from Holland on the 12th of July 1989. A complete owners history including names and dates during the time in Sweden is present and also a Carfax.The last owner has had this Aston Martin V8 since 2012 and put it in a terrific condition. Everything works on this car, and I think it is not easy to find such well preserved and original Aston Martin.

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