Investing in classic cars 2020

Read why i think the Corona crisis will make collector cars go up in value

Why you should invest in classic cars in 2020.

When stock market is down or feels to risky people turn to assets gold, property, art and collectable items. Such as watches motorcycles, classic cars and historic sports cars. If you look at the price of gold during May during 2020 you see what I mean. Investing in gold is fairly quick and easy when you have no more faith in your local currency. Below a graph from K500classic car market

Investing in classic cars, vintage automobiles takes a little more planning and with the current Covid 19 situation some countries may still have some travel restrictions. There is a lot to say about the Corona on its own that I will not cover here.

The government of most countries in the world are printing money like crazy to stimulate their economies. This will make money (cash) less in value in the future. This is why I will keep the classic cars in my private collection or trade them for something else that I have on my classic car bucket list. When you have your savings in a collector car it holds the value and hopefully increase if you manage to buy the right ones.

It is not easy to know which historic cars or collector sports cars that will be a good investment. But here are a few general rules.

Buy the collector car with your heart. The one you have always dreamed about having. It does not matter what other people think! It will be yours and you should not care what other people think.

Keep in mind that some cars are cheap to buy, but expensive to run. Others may be expensive to buy, but you can drive for years with minimal costs.

A well-maintained original collector car in the best condition you can find will always hold its value. Take help from a brand specialist if you are unsure.

Look for ordinary cars in extraordinary condition. Most ordinary classic cars have been used up and scrapped. And the restoration of these cars always exceeds the end value.

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Here is some great classic cars to start your collection! 🙂

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