Importing a classic car to USA

Help and advice when you want to import a classic car to America.

Import a classic car to America.

I think the import of classic cars to USA has increased over the last couple of years. At least I feel we have exported more classic cars and sports cars than before. One reason could be that in Sweden we have a technical control. Like a fitness test that classic cars have to go trough every two years. Here they are checked for corrosion, brake performance, worn out joints and bushings, oil leaks and much more. Also every time the km is documented and this makes it easier to the actual milage of an old car.

import classic car to usaFinding the right seller in Europe could be tricky. Always compare price with quality. For this I would suggest using a website called Now you get most of the cars advertised in Europe in one spot. To buy from a private person would be extremely risky. Since you are not able verify their existence. Buy from a company that has good reviews. Check reviews on Google, Facebook and if the dealer is listed on Mobile is also a great website to look for cars in Europe.

When you want to import a classic car from Europe, you need to ask the seller for plenty of pictures and videos if possible. Perhaps the seller is able to show you the car live via WhatsApp or similar.



Import a classic car from Sweden. Here is a few reasons to buy your car from Sweden.

  • Swedish are very multilingual and most Swedish speak very good English. Some even speak German, French and Italian.
  • For more than 150 years there was never any war in Sweden. Here many pre-war cars has been hidden away. After the second world wore in Europe the Swedes still had money and bought many of the good remaining cars and brought them to Sweden.
  • The classic car hobby has always been very big in Sweden. Many people has always been interested in technical solutions and preserving their cars.
  • Still today in Sweden we put far less salt on the roads than our neighbours. Cars from Italy and Spain have less rust. But have burned interior and rubber. Up north in Sweden you can find very preserved cars. Dry snow does not harm and no salt is used.
  • But still today nobody use or even take out their classic car during the winter season.
  • Sweden is easy and cheap to ship from and the biggest port is Gothenburg. This is where all cars come in from Japan and most of the Volvo cars are exported from here.

Buy from a trusted dealer, check reviews

You can ship your classic car in a container or roro. The biggest and best company for a roro transport is Wallenius lines. Roro means they drive the car on board to a specially design ship that carry only cars. Then the cars are strapped down to deck and when they arrive they are driven off.

You probably will need to take help of a freight forwarder to book the transport of your classic car. And to help you with all the paperwork requierd for the customs.

When your car arrives to USA I am sure you understand somebody will want to have some of your money. Below is an example of a classic car that costed 55.000 USD. The example is from 2020 and was based on shipping roro with Wallenius lines to the west coast. Price may have changed.

Cost of importing of classic a car to USA


From:    Gothenburg, Sweden (port)
To:         Port Hueneme, CA (port / warehouse)
Origin Terminal Charges                                                                                US$    210.00  per vehicle
Origin Forwarding                                                                                          US$    250.00  per vehicle
Loading / Ocean Freight / Unloading / Availability                                         US$  1600.00  per vehicle
Terminal Charges                                                                                          US$    385.00  per vehicle
Documentation Fee                                                                                       US$      85.00  per Bill of Lading
ISF, ISF Bond & Customs Clearance                                                            US$    375.00  per entry
US Customs Bond 1% of value                                                                     US$    100.00  (minimum)
Customs Duty for passenger vehicles @ 2.5% of value                               US$  1375.00  per vehicle based upon value $55000.00
USA Customs Fees @ .4706% of value                                                       US$    258.83  based upon value $55000.00


I hope this page helps you get a better understanding of importing your classic car to USA. Now go and choose which one to import here.

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