How to buy a classic car from Classix by Schiebler

# Start by viewing the car you are interested on my homepage. If you need more information or pictures, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also be happy to have a video meeting via WhatsApp, Line or similar apps. I speak English and German over the phone but answer emails only in English.

# I always recommend to come and see the classic car you are buying in person. I will be happy to assist you in doing so. We are located all the way south in Sweden, so if you come by air you would be flying to Copenhagen airport or to Malmo airport. I will pick you up personally and take you back. If you want to make your visit a short holiday there are many nice hotels very close and plenty of tourist attractions. If you come by car, we are just two minutes of the highway E6. But please be sure to schedule an appointment. In Sweden, the land of the midnight sun we have plenty of space and wonderful roads for driving vintage automobiles.

# We export most of our classic cars, so we have a good connection with transport companies. Trucks leave every week for Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Italy, France and more. Cars to U.K can be sent by truck or by boat. We can also arrange container freight worldwide.

# Please understand that we can not accept cash payments. If you want to take the car with you on the same day you are here, ask us and we will explain the options and procedure. But you need to make arrangements with your bank before you go or be able to make online payments.

# Sweden is a member of European Union and there is no tax on importing/exporting a classic car, sports car within E.U. In most countries it is a simple procedure to get the car registered in your own country. Please let us know if there are any special documents, or requirements we can help you with that would make it easier. Price always include VAT and this is not refundable.

# If you come by car from Germany by car there are several routes to go.

From the Berlin side there is a ferry from Sassnitz to Trelleborg and also Rostock to Trelleborg. From Hamburg side you can go from Travemunde directly to Malmö or Trelleborg. Or you can cross Puttgarden-Rödby (Denmark). Drive through Denmark approx. 250 km and then over the Öresund bridge to Sweden.

Or you can drive over Flensburg-Kolding-Copenhagen and then over the bridge. This is 140 km longer but usually the fastest route. There are two toll bridges on this route. If you are coming with a trailer, the cheapest and best way is to take the night ferry from Travemunde to Malmö. Get a cabin and have a good night’s sleep. If you buy a car from us and plan to drive home, this is the best way. See booking and price on or

We have a B&B just down the street if you need to stay over. Se more here

If you want something fancier and want to be in the city, there is this one also just 10min away from us.

# I want all our classic car buyers to be happy with their business with me and my promise to you is. To do what I said I would do. The way I said I would do it. When I said I would do it. And I ask the same from you. Below you can read our reviews from Google and facebook.


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