BMW 3.0 CSi E9

BMW E9 CSi with 3.5l engine and 5 speed gearbox

BMW E9 1972 for sale

Exterior: This BMW E9 3.5 CSi for sale is painted in an original BMW E9 colour (Fjord blue) and the restoration of this car was done in Germany many years ago. The company York Ehlert spend 21,400DM on the body work and also many small parts were replaced here. The invoice for this is dated October 1990. Then in 1991, there is another invoice for 32,690DM for complete interior work. From some old pictures, I can see that the rocker panels have been replaced and also the inner wheel arches facing the torpedo wall as well as floorboards. The parts used were complete BMW original panels. The  car was painted in 2016 in Norway and has not been driving much since.

Today the BMW E9 CSi is rolling on 15” BBS split wheels with good tyres. It has been fitted with CSL springs for a slightly lower ride height. A lot of the chrome parts are new. New bumpers, taillights etc. This BMW 3.5 CSi 1972 looks amazing!

Interior: A very nice leather interior in beige, new headliner, sun visors etc. A new carpet gives a wonderful impression from the inside of this E9. Also, all panels in the trunk are in a very nice original condition.

Engine: This BMW CSi E9 has a 3.5l engine ( m30b35) producing in the region of 240hp. It also has a five-speed dogleg gearbox. New clutch. I have recently spent around 7,000€ on the car replacing sending units for the injection, rebuilt brake callipers and service of the entire brake system. Proper service with oil change, filters, plugs etc etc. Fitted a new steering servo pump and replaced seals in the servo unit. Rebuilt wiper motor and more. So, this is a car for somebody who wants to have a car that drives very nicely and is cruising at ease in highway speed with a five-speed gearbox. We are fully aware that this is not the original engine and we do not have the original engine. So, if you want it original, please go look for another car.

History: This BMW E9 3.0 CSi for sale (today 3.5l) came to Stavanger in Norway in 1977 with Mr Willy Eriksson who was able to take this car with him home after having worked abroad in Germany. Then in 2006, Mr Bergersen in Fenstad bought the BMW and then last year we bought it from Norway and have just completed the registration here in Sweden. And, this means it is now inside E.U. borders again and no taxes.

If you have a classic BMW that you would like to sell and you live in Sweden, please contact me.

BMW video at Petrolicious

Model:E9 3.0 CSi
Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:5 speed dogleg
Manufactured in:Germany

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