Bentley Derby 3.5l 1934

Bentley Derby 3.5l for sale. Stunning Pre-war classic with overdrive gearbox.
  • bentley derby 3.5l
  • bentley derby 3.5l

Exterior: My first love with the Bentley brand was driving around in a Bentley Derby 3.5l like this one. I could not believe that such an old car could feel so solid and strong. Most people are just standing there with that long look on their face when you drive by like they are part of an old movie. The colour combination on this 1934 Bentley Derby is just stunning and so is the condition with a very nice deep paint. Just beautiful chrome details with those big P100 headlights. All panels have a very good fit. Wheels and tyres are in excellent condition. The underneath is free from corrosion.

Interior: The interior has had a full restoration at some point and is now just starting to get that wonderful patina back again. The headliner looks good, and the wood panel work is just beautiful. All gauges and levers are working and in excellent condition. The Bentley Derby seats 4 people comfortably even for long trips. The odometer is today showing 69,000 miles.

bentley derby 3.5l

Engine: The Engine in this Bentley Derby 3.5l is easy to start and has a good solid sound. The gearbox is the original four speed that now has been fitted with an overdrive which keeps the rpm low even at cruising speed on the motorway. Brakes have a good solid feel to them, and the car keeps nice and straight on the road. For being a 1934 car, it is very usable and can easily keep up with many classic cars that are much younger than this Bentley.


History: We only know the history from when the car came to Sweden. However, we have the registration number from U.K. so I am sure the previous owner can be traced. The Bentley Derby 3.5l came to Sweden in 2009 and has been with a Bentley collector since.

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Model:Derby 3.5
Body Style:Saloon
Transmission:4 speed+overdrive
Manufactured in:U.K
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