Volvo Amazon Kombi

Volvo Amazon Kombi 1967 with Sport option

The Volvo Amazon kombi is a very cool and usable classic car. With the overdrive gearbox you have no problem keeping up with other road worriers and you are cruising 110-120km/h.

Exterior: Nice green paint in original Volvo colour (94). Rolling on fresh restored 5,5-inch KPZ wheels with thin white stripe on the new tyres. (These wheels were optional from Volvo and fitted standard on Sport models). Most of the chrome details are new or in very good condition.

Interior: It is still the original seat covers and door cards while the carpet on the floor and in the back is new. New rubber seals in the doors all around and new headliner. Good chrome on all details inside the car.

Volvo P220 Herrgårdsvagn as we say in Sweden

Engine: Fresh rebuilt engine with new pistons and bearings. Starts right up and runs perfectly. Recently rebuilt carburettors and new brakes all around. Discs, hoses, cylinders etc.

History: The Amazon Kombi was sold here in Sweden in 1967 and the first owner had the car until 1981 before he passed it on. There where then another owner until 1988 and then it changed hands within the family. In 2007 it was taken out of traffic for a restoration and it was back on the road in April 2018. During the restoration the car was upgraded to Sport. This means a brake booster, twin SU carburettors, overdrive gearbox, 5,5 KPZ rims. These little extras makes it a very drivable and usable classic today.

Parts for your Volvo Amazon Kombi you can find here

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Om du har en P220 Volvo Kombi Herrgårdsvagn som du vill sälja så får du gärna höra av dig. Jag är dock ej intresserad av renoveringsobjekt utan endast full körklara bilar. Gärna så original som möjligt.

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