Bristol 405 1955

Bristol 405 four door saloon 1955

Just looking at this car, you understand it is something special. There were around 260 cars like this produced between the years 1955-1958 and it is something one has to see in real life and experience to understand what an extraordinary car it is!

Exterior: Repainted recently and has great shine. All chrome in good condition. Also glass and rubber details in good condition. This is an aluminum body and there is no corrosion showing anywhere on the car.

Interior: Door sides and the shelf in the back have received new leather. The seats are still original leather in very good condition and today showing a wonderful patina. All wood panels, gauges, switches are in very good condition. The car can easily fit four people and you travel in comfort and style.

Engine: The original Bristol engine was replaced for a later by one of the previous owners for a slightly more powerful one producing around 125hp. The gearbox on this car is of the later type (shorter shift) and feels nice and tight. The freewheel on the first gear is a very nice feature that makes it easier to get going. Once you get to a more open road and can shift in to overdrive, this 1955 Bristol 405 is cruising along in 110-120km/h without being stressed at all.


This Bristol 405 was ordered new in LHD by a Swedish businessman living in Switzerland. He brought the car with him when he returned to Sweden. The 405 has been looked after well during all of its life by owners who have appreciated the valuable car of outstanding quality and good performance!

Mark history 

The Bristol Car Division of Bristol Aeroplane Company had been founded in 1945 to make high performance cars to aircraft standard and it launched the BMW-based 400 series at the Geneva show in 1947. It was powered by an improved version of the BMW 328 2-litre engine.  The 401-403 had much improved aerodynamic bodywork shaped in Bristol´s own wind tunnel.

In 1953 followed the legendary 404 coupé, «The businessman’s express», with a completely new bodywork with it’s distinctive air intake in the front and the small fins at the rear. A year later the 405, saloon version with  4-doors, came along on a streched chassie. The 406 grew a lot bigger and was the last Bristol model with the famous Bristol 6-cylinder engine.

All the above cars were hand made with aluminium bodywork and produced by the same staff as produced the airplanes, all to aircraft standards.

The Bristol Car Division was separated from the Aeroplane Company and became the The Bristol Car Ltd.

Other Bristol models during this period were Bristol 403, 404, 406 and 407. The company name was Bristol Aeroplane Company

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