Fiat 124 Spider 1969


The Fiat 124 Spider has always been very dear to me. I think it is outstanding in its class and price range. Some of the best classic car moments I had was in a Fiat 124 Spider. There were over 170,000 cars produced so they are not exactly rare. However, most of these ended up in America. So, to find a European model in Sweden is rare. The Fiat 124 Spider was not even sold new in Sweden but you could get one through the Danish importer.

Exterior: This Fiat 124 Spider was painted around 15 years ago and still looks amazing. The Fiat has a black cloth soft top in very good shape. And when the top comes down, there is a wind protector. In these pictures, it is rolling on a set of new Volumex wheels and good tyres. There is a choice of 13” inch Chromodora with hubcaps if one should prefer more original look.

Interior: This Fiat 124 Spider is nice and clean inside. And all wood panels, instruments and switches are in good condition. The heat in this car is excellent so it can be used with the top down also on cool days. Black carpets in excellent condition and custom cover carpets with Pininfarina logo.

Engine: Designed by Ex Ferrari engineer, Lampredi, the Fiat twincam engine is a masterpiece. It is very rare to have any problems with this engine and if you do, they are easy to fix. It starts easily by using the choke for the single carburettor. As you can see in the pictures, a sport air filter has been fitted, and I also have the original air filter box. Underneath the hood, everything is very nice and clean. All original plates and stickers are in their place. The five-speed gear box is fine with normal sounds and also from the final drive. Brakes and other technical parts are in excellent condition.

History: This Fiat 124 Spider was imported to Sweden in 1989. The first owner in Sweden was a very nice man that I knew personally. He restored this car to the level it is today, and he bought many of the parts from me. After driving for a few years, he thought he was getting too old and sold the car to me in 2012. I used the car myself for about a year before passing it on to the next nice man who has treated this Fiat like a baby. It has been serviced by a local expert, used only in dry conditions and stored in a heated garage. Now October 2020 Maja is back with me, and we are looking for a new caretaker. It is a well-documented car with original owner’s manual, original spare. All documents collected in a binder.

Model:124 Spider
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:5-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Italy
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