Volvo P1800S

Volvo P1800 S Coupe in red from 1965

Exterior: This Volvo P1800 S from 1965 has had some very good restoration work done to it. The body itself is in very good and healthy state. Unfortunately, the car was stored wrong for some time and paint blisters have developed in some places in the paintwork. Please note that this is not rust. Exterior chrome is nice and the Volvo P1800 is riding on a Minilite style wheel. There is also the choice of original steel rims, both originals and 5.5 rims. Glass and rubber are perfect, and the car has a very nice ride height. Original style mirrors on both sides and aluminium inner fenders guards.

Interior: Very clean Volvo P1800 on the inside with new carpets, perfect door cards and handles. Dashboard and instruments are beautiful. Leather seats in very good condition from model E. Trunk area is super clean with original rubber mat. There is a speaker shelf that can be easily removed from the car and a classic looking radio in the front on the dashboard.

1965 Volvo P1800S for sale in Sweden

Engine: This is not the car for you if you prefer original specifications. Since this Volvo P1800 S has the Volvo B20 engine that comes from and with the sport head, sport headers and exhaust, the car is supposed to deliver 128hp. With the 4 speed + overdrive gearbox, it makes every day driving a bliss. Brakes are very good and the P1800 still has the original Girling brake servo unit.

History: This 1965 Volvo P1800S was sold new to Göran Usitalo in Lycksele, Sweden. From documentation, it looks like the car was used up to around 1975 and then had 42,000km. It was then standing for a long time until Mr Eriksson bought it in 2011. Mr Eriksson did a lot of work on this car and the invoices for parts alone accumulate almost 2,000€. Third owner Mr Larsson got the car in 2016 and I bought it in January 2021. Just recently the vehicle has has been serviced. Last Technical Inspection was done in 2017 and in Sweden the car does not need to go in anymore. Wheels and Firestone tyres are brand new. There is also a choice of original steel wheels or a set of 5.5 inch. Nice documentation collected in the binder. Original registration documents from 1965.

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Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:4 speed+overdrive
Manufactured in:Sweden
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