Volvo P1800S 1965

Volvo P1800 S from 1965 in original grey with red leather


Exterior: A graphite grey car with a red interior always works and the Volvo P1800 S is no exception. That Italian design penned by a Swede has stood the test of time. This Volvo P1800S came out of a restoration last year. Now with four new fenders and new rocker panels. The body was sandblasted before it was put back in the original grey colour. After that, the Volvo P1800 has been fitted with many new parts or parts fully refurbished.

As you can see, the chrome is immaculate. New trim around screens etc. New tail lights, plate lights and hubcaps. Sandblasted and painted wheels fitted with new Michelin tyres in correct size. The Volvo P1800S has received a stone chip coating underneath and is ready to go for another 50 years or so. The Volvo has a perfect ride height and front and rear is level. This P1800S has just been fitted with a set of Volvo side mirrors. It has hardly been driven after the restoration and still looks like new.

Graphite grey Volvo P1800S with red leather for sale

Interior: Volvo P1800S 1965 with red leather seats. New carpets inside the car and in the trunk. Just perfect instruments and a beautiful dashboard. I have driven many Volvo P1800 cars in my life and I have to say at least for me the seating position and feeling is better than most cars. Seats have also new rubber bands underneath the cushions. Original headliner and sun visors are good.

Engine: This engine was completely rebuilt with new pistons and bearings using Volvo original parts. Carburettors were also rebuilt and everything around the engine has been cosmetically restored to original specifications. Gearbox is nice and smooth, and the overdrive goes in and out easily. Everything in terms of brakes is new or rebuilt, and the car stops directly and in a straight line. After the new wheels and tyres were fitted, a wheel alignment was carried out. A complete new wiring loom was fitted to the Volvo P1800S. All electrical components work (except the clock) and the car has been through Technical Control of Road Worthiness here in Sweden recently. Equal to TUF, MOT, RDW.

History: This beautiful Volvo P1800S was registered for the first time on the 10th of June 1965 here in Sweden. The P1800 was a chic and cheap car for younger people and they often changed hands. This car is no exception. However, it comes with a very nice and thick binder with all collected receipts for this stunning restoration. It is today a stunning classic that can be enjoyed for many years to come. As described above, the restoration includes body, interior, engine and electrics. And, the work was completed in September 2021. After this, the car has been driven only for testing and adjusting.


Body Style:Coupe
Manufactured in:Sweden

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