Volvo P1800S 1965

For sale: Red Volvo P1800S Coupe from 1965 for sale in Sweden

Exterior: This Volvo P1800S for sale looks amazing when it comes driving. Perfect ride height and a very nice paintwork. All chrome details are in excellent condition. All rubber details around the around windows, doors etc are new. Just like much of the aluminium trim on this classic Volvo. It is wearing the original Volvo P1800S wheels with the original chrome rings. This is a very original and untouched car that has never been in need of much welding.

Interior: There is not any classic car out there that has a prettier dashboard when it is lit up at night. The instruments are perfect on this car. Everything works and they are in very good condition also on the outside. The Volvo P1800 leather has just been replaced on the seats and a new carpet has been fitted. Very rare original Volvo seatbelts still intact.

Volvo P1800S for sale

Volvo P1800 for sale

Engine: The original Volvo B18 engine runs perfectly. Carburettors have just been rebuilt and set up by specialist. All ignition parts are new and the seal between the engine and gearbox has just been replaced. This car still has the original Girling MK 2 brake servo, and it works great. All joints and rubbers on this Volvo P1800 have been replaced.

History: This Volvo P1800S from 1965 was sold new here in Sweden on the 15th of January 1965. It looks like the first owner had the car until 1993 when it was traded in with a dealer to be sold to the second owner that kept the car until 2001. And, then the third user bought this car in 2015 and put a lot of work into it until the Volvo P1800 came to me and got the final details in place.

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Parts for Volvo P1800

Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:4 speed+overdrive
Manufactured in:Sweden
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