Volvo P1800S 1964

For sale Volvo P1800 S 1964 in Sweden

1964 Volvo P1800 S for sale

The Volvo P1800S from 1963 and 1964 is probably the most sought after P1800. First the power output was up from 100hp in the Jensen cars to now 108hp due to a new camshaft and higher compression. You have the newer more comfortable seats and a foldable backseat but still the beautiful classic cow horn bumpers and all beautiful instruments.

Exterior: My Volvo P1800 1964 was given a high-quality paint job in 2018 after front and rear fenders had been replaced with Volvo original parts. Also, rocker panels and beams underneath. A set of new bumpers were fitted and so was new rubber in the doors and around windows. Wheels were sandblasted, painted and fitted with new tyres and new hubcaps. This car is in original factory colour 46 from Volvo.

Interior: This Volvo P1800S has new carpets, door sides and I have new leather for the seats. Beautiful instruments and a good dashboard.

Engine: Rebuilt with new bearings, piston and rings and then painted in the original Volvo engine colour. All other details in the engine bay have been refurbished.


Volvo P1800S sold new in Sweden for sale


History: The car was sold new in Sweden on the 27th of April 1964 and the first owner drove the car until 1979 when it was time for owner number two. He owned the car only for two months before owner number three bought it and on the 30th of November in 1981 the car was taken off the road and has not been back on the road since. A restoration has started and what you see here in these pictures is the state the car is in today. But there is still some work to do before this wonderful Volvo P1800S can be enjoyed again. Some of the work that has to be completed is: Connect brakes, install headliner and seats, connect the new wiring harness and make final adjustments. So, in other words it is only the fun job left that you will complete during the winter months in the garage. This car has a very good fit on all panels, everything up until today has been done with the intention to make it a very good car. If you are now planning to send me an e-mail asking what it would cost if I complete the restoration, my answer is that it will then cost as much as any other top restored early Volvo P1800, and it will be done about a year from now.

Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:4 speed+overdrive
Manufactured in:Sweden

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