1959 black SAAB 93 B for sale in Sweden

Exterior: Personally, I have always liked cars and motorcycles with a very aerodynamic shape. That is one of the reasons I like these early cars so much. This car, as you can see in the photos, has been through a restoration just recently. The SAAB 93 came from the very north parts of Sweden and was not in that bad shape to start with. Some small welding repairs were done and then it had a proper repaint in the original colour. The original black colour with red piping and interior is what makes the car special to me. It is one of the best colour combinations for any classic car. Some of the chrome parts are new and some very good original. All rubber has been replaced and the SAAB 93 has been fitted with new tyres.

Interior: The SAAB 93 used a special fabric in their interiors. And, this material has not been available before but can now be bought through the Swedish SAAB club. And, the same goes for the original rubber mats that cover the floor in these cars. Notice how perfect and well kept all little details like knobs and levers in the interior are. Just like that beautiful steering wheel. It has also seat belts for your safety.

Engine: A fresh restored and happy 850cc two-stroke engine with the original 3-speed gearbox. The gearbox has also been rebuilt and is now nice and quiet. Brakes are completely new with cylinders, hoses, and shoes all around.

History: I bought this car in 2013 from the very north parts of Sweden. It was then a project car that had been standing in the barn for many years. My plan was to get the engine going and drive it as it was. However, a gentleman by the name of Tomas Persson came by and persuaded me that he was the right man to give the SAAB 93 a new life. And in the summer of 2020, the car was completed in the condition as you see it here in the pictures. He did a fantastic job I must say, and I bought the car back. Almost too nice to use now!


Body Style:Coupe
Transmission:3 speed
Manufactured in:Sweden
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