Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith James Young 1955

I do not think you could travel in more luxury and style than in a Silver Wraith James Young back in 1955. Looking at this car, it is not hard to understand it was not something everyone could buy. In fact, there were only 30 cars like this built!

In this period, there were several coachbuilders to choose from when you wanted a bespoke Bentley or Rolls Royce. For instance, Mulliner, Park Ward, Hooper, Barker, Freestone and Webb, and James. These were the most famous ones in U.K but there were many other also in other countries besides U.K.

The Silver Wraith was the limousine model from Rolls Royce and was available with or without partition glass.

Exterior: Absolutely stunning condition on the outside with a very close to perfect paintwork all over. The chrome details are in like new condition. Perfect hubcaps and good tyres in correct size for the car. The car is in level and has very good panel fit. Everything fits and closes nicely which is not to be taken for granted on coachbuilt cars. All glass details also in very good condition.

Interior: Wonderful original leather with the perfect amount of patina. Very nice original woodwork with only a few very small cracks in the lacquer. Exceptionally clean original carpets and headliner considering it is more than 60 years old. It shows the quality of the materials used during this period!

Engine: Starts right up and shows a very good oil pressure. Gives you loads of smooth power and makes this very big car feel light like a feather. Engine bay is all original and it will look stunning again after some detailing. The GM automatic gearbox delivers perfect gear changes and the final drive has normal sound. The car was not driven much during the last couple of years. I would recommend an oil change and check before longer drives.

History: As you can see this a RHD and first delivery was in U.K. back in June 1955 to Mr. J.B. Risk. It later went for fame and fortune in America and was in 1986 in the care of Mr. Sean Rice in New York. In 1996, it was bought by a lady from Sweden and it has been here since.

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