Morgan Plus Four Competition

Morgan Plus Four Competition Left hand drive 1966 for sale

A Morgan Plus Four Competition for me is one of those cars that looked classic already when you bought it. A Google Search on “British sportscars from 1966” will show you that this Morgan Plus Four Competition looked old even when it was new. Perhaps that is why it gets so much attention today! While taking these pictures, I was driving htrough town and was amazed at how much attention this little sportscar was getting. If you are a British sportscar fan, you may have heard of the Morgan Super Sports.

The body is very similar to each other but the Super Sports was made in aluminium and the competition in steel. What is special for the competition model is that it came with Derrington exhaust headers and Armstrong Selectaride shock absorbers. The engine was the Triumph 2.2l with two carburettors. Apparently between 1965 and 1967 only 42 of these cars were built.

Exterior: The British racing green colour looks amazing on the Morgan Plus 4 Competition. The older paintwork is just perfect! A set of new silver painted wire wheels and tyres have just been installed. As you can see, a set of Brookland screens have been fitted. The original windscreen is also with the car. Just like the side screens and soft top. The entire body is so nice and straight it looks just like it came straight out of the factory. And, this Morgan is just as clean underneath.

Interior: On a Morgan Plus Four Competition, the interior is also kind of your exterior since the car is so low and and you would always drive it open. That beautiful wooden dashboard is always visible. The chromed instruments with all those flip switches. The just perfectly worn black leather seats. And the best part of the seats is that they are inflatable with air to save your ass during the long haul. Then, you can deflate them when you get to the curves for a more steady drivers position. Just behind the seats, there is a small space to stow you duffel bags.

morgan plus four competitionThe Morgan Plus Four Competition was the poor man’s Super Sport.

Engine: The original engine had dual Stromberg carburettors. Today, we have twin Weber’s for that throaty sound accelerating away and the Morgan Plus Four Competition really do take off. The very light car makes driving a lot of fun. Gearbox is very firm and easy to shift gears with. The brakes are excellent.

History: This Morgan was sold new here in Sweden back in September 1966. It was sold by a company called Sportvagnsimport AB. The complete owners history is documented in chronological order. The original invoice from The Morgan Motor Company says this car was extra equipped with the following.

Leather upholstery
Rear bumper
Sliding sidescreens
Tonneau cover
Badge bar
Brooklands steering wheel
Luggage carrier

This was one of two cars delivered to Sweden. It comes with original instructions book, a binder with the collected documentation. All Technical Control documents dating back to 1990 when the car had 52,700km. This beautiful Morgan Plus 4 Competition had a careful restoration in 1990 and has after this been very well cared for. It is today in more than excellent condition and is ready to be driven by a new Morgan enthusiast.

Model:Plus Four Competition
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:U.K
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