Morgan 4/4

One-off Morgan Plus 4 with Lotus Twin Cam engine in original colours yellow and blue


  • Morgan Plus 4
  • Morgan Plus 4

Morgan 4/4 1974 for sale

Exterior: As you can see, this is yellow and blue Morgan 4/4 and I will explain more about that in the history section. Please note that this is the original paint still on the car and today it is 46 years old. There are some stone chips that were filled in by the Morgan factory when it was there visiting a few years back. The car comes with a black soft top and side screens for the long tours. But, then you need to fit the big screen. As you can see, today a set of Brookland screens are fitted. Also, with the car is a nice chrome luggage rack for the suitcase if the entire family is going.

Interior: On this Morgan 4/4 for sale, interior is actually also exterior since these cars are used mostly with the top down as you see in the pictures. With a nice patina, you have a dark blue almost black leather on the comfortable seats. Nice looking instruments in the centre of the car so your wife can keep a good eye on the speed for you. The cool thing with 4/4 is that when you have the tonau cover on, it looks like a two-seater shooting brake convertible. But then when you take the cover off, you have great space for two more people.

Engine: One of the things that makes this Morgan 4/4 1974 very special is that it was fitted with a Vegantune Lotus twincam engine. The Lotus engine produces 135hp and the Morgan 4/4 only weighs 900kg. With a 4-speed gearbox, it makes this Morgan a super fun car to drive. And, the exhaust note is superb.

Morgan 4/4 1974 with Lotus Vegantune engine

History: In Sweden we had a very good formula 1 driver back in the 70’s. His name was Ronnie Peterson. Ronnie’s manager, Sven Eric Eriksson, wanted to buy a very special Morgan after seeing the cars at the London Motor show. But, it had to be a special car and he discussed with Peter Morgan about building a four-seater +8. However, this was out of the question. After long discussions and help of the Swedish importer at the time, this Morgan was supplied to Sven Eric with a Vegantune Lotus Twin Cam engine. And, it is still today original. The specification was a blue and yellow car and fitted with a Lotus engine since Ronnie Petersen was driving for Lotus at the time. It had to be fitted with a tow bar hook for a race trailer. And for Sweden, it was mandatory with headlight washers and wipers during this time. There are many magazines, invoices, Technical Inspection documents collected in a binder. Full owners’ history. Original owner’s handbook and extra key.

Model:Plus 4
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:U.K
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