Mercedes 280SE W111 3.5 Coupe

1970 Mercedes W111 280SE 3.5 Coupe for sale


  • mercedes 280se 3.5
  • mercedes 280se 3.5

The Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 Coupe was final version of the W111 cars, now with a V8 engine producing 200hp. The predecessor was the Mercedes W112 Coupe and I also have one of those from 1963 for sale.

Exterior: The Mercedes 280SE 3.5 W111 looks very good in blue and it makes a great contrast to the perfect chrome on this car. The paintwork is more than 20 years old and is starting to show its age in some places.

Interior: That dark Zebrano wood looks very nice. And the blue leather is in excellent condition. You are travelling in style and comfort. A classic Becker Corona radio looks good, and the model name is a hot topic today! Dark blue carpets in excellent condition. All instruments are very nice and in perfect working order. This Mercedes 280SE has power windows front and rear. Also, trunk is a is nice and clean.

1970 Mercedes 280 SE W111 coupe with 200hp V8

Engine: The Mercedes W111 engine feels very strong and has normal sound also from the automatic gearbox and final drive. The oil and filter have recently been replaced. Also, the brakes have been looked after. A new stainless-steel exhaust was fitted not to long ago.

History: This W111 280 SE Coupe is a European delivery, and it was imported to Sweden back in 1988. But the first owner in Sweden decided to do a restoration of the car. And it was put on the road first time in Sweden May 1993. The owner at the time (a well-known businessman) left the car with Mercedes in Gothenburg and most of the restoration work was done there.

Then in 1997 the car was sold to an enthusiast up north in Sweden that had the car until recently. But in 2006 it was taken out of traffic and hardly used until now. The Mercedes comes with original owner’s handbook, spare and tools. Collected invoices of work and parts over the years. Technical control documents from the time here in Sweden. It was originally fitted with the big “church lights” in the front. But today with the American style headlights.

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Model:280 SE 3.5
Body Style:Coupe
Manufactured in:Germany
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