Mercedes 190SL 1958

1958 red Mercedes 190SL with black hardtop for sale

Exterior: Wonderful and impossible to miss in this fire truck red colour. Nice paint and looks cool with the black hardtop. This car does not have a soft top. This Mercedes 190SL has perfect chrome details and it is rolling on brand new Wredestein Sprint Classic tyres. Underneath the car it also looks good and this Mercedes have not seen much of the welder in its days. The lenses front and rear are new, just like door handles, locks and emblems.

Interior: As you can see the Mercedes 190SL has new carpets and new seat upholstery. Dashboard is super clean, and the instruments and all details are just gorgeous. In the trunk you find original spare and jack. A time period correct radio on the dashboard (not connected).

Engine: This Mercedes 190SL has just been service (January 2021) and it starts easy and sound normal. The driving experience is good, and it is easy to change gears. The engine was recently rebuilt thoroughly with new pistons, grinded shaft and new bearings. New water pump and new oil pump. All new gasket in the complete engine. Rebuilt radiator and new thermostat. New starter and the head were also complete rebuilt with grinded valves.

History: This Mercedes 190SL was sold new here in Sweden 1958 and used until 1972 when the bearings broke and the Mercedes was parked. In 2014 it was found by present owner that made a restoration of the car and it was back on the road in 2016. The restoration involved sandblasting and then coating all the parts underneath the car. A new interior where fitted and many chrome parts where bought new. The car got a repaint and the engine had a complete rebuild.


Model:190 SL
Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-Speed Manual
Manufactured in:Germany
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